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CTS College Offers Great Incentives for ABE Top Paper Awardees

Posted on: 10 Apr, 2024

At CTS College, we believe in rewarding hard work and academic success. It is the reason we provide the following benefits for CTS College students who win ABE Top Paper Awards:

Wall of Fame

Students who achieve an ABE Top Paper or perform exceptionally well will be featured on the CTS College Wall of Fame on the CTS College website. The wall is truly iconic and features the legends, pillars and stalwarts of the college. The wall is online and accessible by a global audience with the opportunity of students’ profiles being viewed by potential employers.

CTS College Ambassadors

This prestigious designation allows you to represent the college at various outreach programmes and events to build goodwill and contribute to the organisation’s corporate social responsibility. You will be provided the opportunity to motivate and inspire current students as they prepare for exams, sharing study tips, techniques and the challenges you overcame to achieve your success.

ABE Student Focus Magazine

Students who have achieved world class success in exams have the additional opportunity of being featured in ABE’s Student Focus Magazine. The magazine is distributed in Trinidad and Tobago and more than 30 countries that offer ABE across the world.

CTS College Facebook and Social Media Publicity

Top Paper winners will be displayed on our Facebook Page which they can share with their friends and is shared with our Facebook family. It’s one of the best way to share the good news with your friends and family members.

CTS College Newsletter

You will be featured on the college’s newsletter which currently has a very wide circulation and monthly readership. The audience includes past and currents students, alumni and other important stakeholders to CTS College, including potential employers.

Local Job Opportunities

Several prospective employers searching for the brightest students turn to CTS College for recruitment. While all eligible students are encouraged to apply, ABE Top Paper Winners will receive a special endorsement from CTS College, which can provide a competitive advantage.

ABE Certificate

ABE will provide a separate certification that can be used as proof of your accomplishment as a Top Paper winner. This can also be presented at interviews with prospective employers.

Scholarship opportunities

Top Paper Winners qualify for the following scholarships for programmes offered at CTS College:

  • ABE – 50% off tuition on remaining units
  • BABA - $6,000 off tuition fees
  • MBA - $12,000 off tuition fees

About the ABE Programme

The Association of Business Executives (ABE) is a professional membership body and an ABE Accredited College examination board. CTS College offers three pathways of the ABE programme - Business Management, Human Resource Management and Marketing Management. Each pathway has different levels, which consist of Diploma Level 4, Diploma Level 5 and Diploma Level 6.

There are multiple entry points in the ABE programme - students just completing CXC or mature candidates may start the programme, and students receive a certificate for each level they complete.

Upon completion of the ABE Diploma Level 6, students may enrol in the final year of the BA (Hons) Business Administration, or Master of Business Administration (MBA).

At CTS College we are committed to offering programmes that are relevant, recognised and respected and look forward to helping you achieve your academic goals.

You are also invited to attend our next ABE Information Session ›

We are an ACTT recognised institution and partner with international awarding bodies