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Wall of Famer: Devya Shamkarran

Devya Shamkarran

ABE Top Paper Achievement - Enterprising Organisations

Firstly, I am honoured to receive the Top Paper Award for Enterprising Organisations. This award is not only a recognition of my academic achievement but also a testament that with the hands of God on one's life, the unimaginable is attainable.

Additionally, I dedicate this award to my family, who have been my source of motivation and inspiration. Their belief, sacrifices and support have given me the best opportunities and resources to pursue my dreams, which will be beneficial to my future successes.

Furthermore, I take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to CTS College for providing me with a stimulating learning environment, along with the lecturers who have been my mentors throughout my academic journey. They have not only educated me on the theories and concepts but also facilitated the development of the personal skills and attitudes that are essential for success in the modern world.

With acknowledgment for my fellow students, who have been my friends in the learning process, it is worth mentioning that this institute is more than just a place of study; it is a community of passionate and dedicated learners who share a common vision of excellence and innovation. I am delighted to have encountered such an intellectually diverse group of individuals who have enriched and broadened my horizons.

I attest that this award is the beginning of a fruitful future. With intentions of further learning and development, I intend to contribute to society and the world. I would highly recommend CTS College as they offer quality and affordable education that vests individuals with the relevant knowledge and skills that are valuable in today's dynamic business environment.

Wall of Famer: Jennalee Jawahir

Jennalee Jawahir

ABE Top Paper Award – Buyer and Consumer Behavior

I am exceedingly pleased to receive the ABE Top Paper Award for Buyer and Consumer Behaviour Level 5. Firstly, I would like to honour the Most High, for without His gifts, nothing is impossible. Secondly, I wish to express gratitude to my support system for their advice, counselling and encouragement, which kept me going even when faced with challenges. Their support bolstered my confidence and significantly influenced my academic journey, for which I am deeply grateful.

I selected CTS College for my further education based on numerous favourable student testimonials. Never did I anticipate receiving the top paper award, as it had never been among my primary goals. With doubts about my ability to produce quality work, I never envisioned achieving this accolade. Despite facing various challenges throughout the programme — financially, mentally and in terms of time management — requiring immense energy and many sleepless nights, I persevered through dedication and hard work, ultimately succeeding.

I extend heartfelt thanks to CTS College for providing dedicated, engaging and informative lecturers who are willing to go the extra mile for their students. This achievement would not have been possible without discipline, determination, hard work and support. Finally, I am deeply grateful to my family for their unwavering support throughout my academic journey.

Wall of Famer: Stephanie Mahabir

Stephanie Mahabir

ABE Top Paper Award – Operations Management

Being honoured with the top paper award from ABE is a significant accolade. My success came unexpectedly, yet I take pride in my achievement. I wish to extend my gratitude to my supportive and nurturing parents, as well as my siblings.

Upon completing high school, like many other students and young adults, I faced uncertainty about my future path. I discovered CTS College through a television advertisement, a decision I now consider one of my best. Engaging in classes and discussions with peers has provided me with a clearer understanding of my academic and personal aspirations.

Valuable rewards often stem from generous sacrifices. Attaining this milestone isn't a matter of chance; it necessitates a significant investment of time, research, editing and careful deliberation. Recognition of one's dedication serves as inspiration to strive for greater heights and set loftier goals. A word of advice: success demands a positive outlook and unwavering determination to persevere. I have consistently adhered to this guidance and it has consistently steered me in the right direction.

I extend my gratitude to the teachers and staff at CTS College for their assistance and support, even at the most inconvenient times. Enrolling at CTS College is a decision that could never lead a student astray; with its myriad options and convenient class schedules, it stands as the optimal choice.

Wall of Famer: Sabrina Joseph

Sabrina Joseph

ABE Top Paper Award – Societal and Social Marketing

I am delighted to receive the esteemed 'Top Paper Award'. This notable achievement is a testament to the excellent support and education provided by CTS College. It not only highlights my personal dedication but also underscores CTS College's commitment to fostering academic excellence.

I extend my sincere gratitude to CTS College and Mr. Ramjitsingh for their steadfast support and guidance throughout my academic journey. This recognition of my achievement speaks volumes about the exceptional education and opportunities CTS College provides to its students.

I take pride in my affiliation with CTS College and believe that this achievement serves as a compelling marketing tool, showcasing the college's dedication to excellence. I am confident that sharing this success story will inspire and attract both current and prospective students to experience the outstanding education and support that CTS College offers.

Wall of Famer: Abigail Garcia

Abigail Garcia

Dynamic Business Environments

Firstly, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all those who supported, advised and guided me. Their confidence in me had a profound impact on my journey and I will forever appreciate the time they took to ensure my success in my studies. Praise be to the Most High, God, for without His blessings, nothing is possible. I urge you to always place your trust in Him.

Though this journey was undeniably challenging, I have learned that with hard work and dedication comes great success. Initially, I found myself feeling despondent and continuing with the programme seemed daunting. I questioned the significance of it for my future plans and its impact on those around me. Yet, I have always been reminded never to give up. While I understand there will be hurdles along the way, the rewards at the end are always worth it. Many sacrifices were made — time, energy and countless sleepless nights — while completing this assessment. However, given the chance, I would gladly repeat the process for the results obtained. Maintaining focus, alongside having a strong support system, is crucial for personal development, fostering motivation and self-discipline.

Despite the challenges faced, I flourished and was honoured with the Top Paper Award alongside one of my peers for the Dynamic Business Environments module. I take immense pride in my accomplishments thus far and eagerly anticipate further opportunities for growth and success.

My decision to choose CTS College of Business and Computer Science as the institution to advance my studies was effortless and trouble-free from the outset. They were incredibly accommodating and understanding. I am deeply grateful to the entire team and to the lecturers, including Mr. Arnold Ramjitsingh, for their exceptional efforts in ensuring the course material was comprehensive and beneficial during the assessment.

To any prospective students, I can confidently affirm that CTS College of Business and Computer Science is the ideal choice and I encourage you never to lose hope in your dreams, as there is always a beacon of light at the end of a dark tunnel.

Wall of Famer: Clerisa-Marie Piggot

Clerisa-Marie Piggot

Dynamic Business Environments

My ABE journey with CTS College of Business and Computer Science commenced in September 2022, shortly after successfully completing 9 CSEC examinations. At the outset, I was aware of the Top Paper Award and the numerous accolades CTS College had garnered in the past, yet I had little understanding of its significance. Enrolling in all 4 units offered by CTS College at Level 4 with an open mind, I soon found myself confronted with intensified workload during the semester. Despite struggling and facing numerous challenges, I persevered with the unwavering support of my lecturers and the ABE team at CTS College.

As the semester drew to a close, I had only managed to complete 2 out of the 4 units in which I had enrolled. Nevertheless, I remained determined to retake the remaining 2 and progress to the Level 5 Diploma, which I accomplished within 6 months. Looking ahead to my future aspirations, I eagerly anticipate furthering my studies at the bachelor’s degree level.

As Genesis 18:14 aptly states, 'Is there anything that is impossible for God?' Without God, none of this would be feasible, but all things take time. Today, as a recipient of the Top Paper Award, I feel deeply honoured and humbled to acknowledge that my hard work has indeed borne fruit, despite the many tears, sleepless nights and cups of coffee consumed along the way.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who supported me throughout this journey; it has been a truly enriching learning experience. To current students, I encourage you not to give up; with hard work and dedication, you will reap the rewards. And to future students, rest assured that CTS College boasts exceptional lecturers, including Mr. Arnold Ramjitsingh, who ensures comprehensive understanding of all course material, alongside an incredible staff who provide invaluable encouragement and support every step of the way.

Wall of Famer: Rehannah Leeandra Gunness

Rehannah Gunness

ABE Top Paper Award Winner Nov 2022 (Societal and Social Marketing)

My journey with this esteemed institution commenced with a Certificate in Graphic Design while awaiting the results of my CSEC Examinations. Since then, numerous opportunities for professional growth have arisen, leading me to embark on my Diploma in Marketing Management.

At CTS College of Business and Computer Science, the experienced lecturers, affordable fees, dedicated administration team, round-the-clock student support services and flexible online class schedule are just a few of the reasons why this course is ideal for individuals who are employed but aspire to advance themselves in this sector.

Despite being currently employed in the Beauty Industry, marketing opportunities abound in any work environment. The ABE Diploma in Marketing Management facilitates a seamless transition into a Bachelor’s Degree, equipping individuals with the knowledge of marketing tactics applicable across various professional fields.

My recipe for securing an ABE World Prize comprised faith in God, a strong support system, a passion for networking through marketing and the belief that leveraging both physical and digital channels for marketing is paramount for businesses to thrive in challenging economic climates.

Though this entire experience still feels surreal, I am undeniably motivated to persist in my pursuit of excellence.

Wall of Famer: Lou-Anne Joseph

Lou-Anne Joseph

Winner of the ABE Top Paper Award

I initially enrolled in the ABE programme at another educational institution, seeing it as a solid pathway towards obtaining a degree in Business. However, I found that the support I needed was lacking at that institution. Subsequently, I opted to undertake several short courses at CTS College to assess the level of support provided by their administration and the teaching standards of the institute. Since continuing my ABE journey at CTS College, I have seen posters showcasing world prize winners and heard lecturers speak of past students who have achieved such accolades, leading me to wonder if someday it could be me. Upon receiving the email announcing my accomplishment, I was completely taken aback and felt a sense of pride in myself unlike ever before.

Reflecting on my experience, I am pleased with the decision to choose CTS College for furthering my studies, as I can confidently attest to the exceptional support and teaching standards. The clear evidence of this is evident in my achievement of winning a world prize.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to CTS College and its outstanding team.

Wall of Famer: Travis Kalloo

Travis Kalloo

Winner of the ABE Top Paper Award

I am immensely grateful to CTS College and Mr. Ragoonath for providing me with the opportunity to pursue the ABE programme. I am truly impressed by the college's organisational efficiency, particularly in meeting the diverse needs of students, such as facilitating remote studying throughout the programme and offering twenty-four-hour support. There is simply no comparison to any other institution.

The lecturers at CTS College uphold incredibly high standards, which undoubtedly contribute to the success of students. I sincerely hope they take pride in their invaluable contribution.

The ABE programme is undeniably intense and demanding, requiring a careful balance of emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. Prioritising these aspects can greatly aid in maintaining inspiration and consistently producing quality work to successfully complete the programme.

It is important to take any necessary time off and, if feasible, seek support from your employer for flexible working hours. Despite the challenges, the mental rewards are significant, as the programme is contemporary and insightful.

Furthermore, I must acknowledge that I could not have completed the programme without the unwavering support of my mother and the guiding force of the universe directing me towards this path.

Wall of Famer: Kavan Achong

Kavan Achong

Winner of the ABE Top Paper Award

Receiving the ABE Top Paper Award for the Operations Management unit is an immense honour. I wish to express my deepest gratitude to the staff at CTS College for their invaluable support throughout this academic pursuit.

To both current and future students of this programme, I would like to share my strategy and approach to this unit. Firstly, it is crucial to ensure a thorough understanding of the coursework taught in class. Secondly, familiarise yourself with the marking scheme and framework provided by the ABE lecturers. Lastly, supplement your knowledge by conducting personal research on the topics covered.

Additionally, I advise students to be prepared to dedicate the time and energy required to strive for higher achievement.

Wall of Famer: Alliyah Aleshia Alexander

Alliyah Aleshia Alexander

Winner of the ABE Top Paper Award

I am the proud owner of a beauty lounge, a dedicated footballer and a member of the Trinidad and Tobago Defense Force and I am honoured to be named a recipient of the ABE Top Paper Award.

Receiving the Top Paper Award for Employee Engagement in the March/June ABE assessments is a tremendous honour for me. I am incredibly proud of this achievement. I had often contemplated the best time to pursue further studies. Every year, I would tell myself that by now, I could have graduated with my degree if only I had given it a try. Eventually, I decided to stop waiting and took the leap. I enrolled at CTS College and little did I know that I would be recognised with such an esteemed award.

CTS College has proven to be an exceptional institution and the supportive and dedicated staff have made my experience truly fulfilling. I am thrilled about completing my studies at CTS College and wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking to further their education. With its flexibility, affordability and opportunities to complete your degree, CTS College truly stands out as a remarkable choice.

Wall of Famer: Adesh Bakhai

Adesh Bakhai

First Trinidadian Student to win the Prestigious Rising Star Award

Adesh Bakhai, a student at CTS College, has achieved the highest average in the University of Hertfordshire's BA (Hons) Business Administration Programme and has become the first Trinidadian student to win the prestigious Class of 2020 Alumni Rising Star Award. Here is Adesh’s story:

I enrolled at CTS College on the recommendation of a relative who had pursued and successfully completed his BSc IT. From the outset, I found the service at the college to be exceptional compared to my previous experiences at other local institutions. Starting with the ABE Diploma Level 5 qualification due to my passion for business, I later decided to continue with the ABE Diploma Level 6 and the University of Hertfordshire’s BA (Hons) Business Administration. Throughout my academic journey, the school provided unwavering support, offering affordable pricing and flexible class times, which enabled me to balance my studies with my work commitments. Even during the Covid-19 Pandemic restrictions, the transition to online classes was seamless, ensuring minimal disruption to my learning.

I firmly believe that achievements are a direct reflection of the effort invested in a task and this belief was reaffirmed when CTS College informed me that I was the top student in the graduating class of 2020. What made this achievement even more commendable was that I achieved the highest average in the BA (Hons) Business Administration programme’s history at CTS College (83.67). I was also extremely honoured and humbled when I received news from the University that I had been nominated by the Hertfordshire Business School for the Class of 2020 Alumni Rising Star Award, which I subsequently won. I appreciated these commendations immeasurably and recognise that they were not solely the result of my efforts, but also due to the continued commitment and dedication of my lecturers, support from other CTS College staff, friends, classmates and my entire family. I owe them all a debt of gratitude and express my sincere appreciation for their efforts.

My advice to anyone considering pursuing academic study is to define your goals early, plan meticulously and work extremely hard, even in the face of setbacks. Sacrifices will undoubtedly be necessary - missing out on CTS College’s hikes when an assignment was due was particularly challenging for me; however, in the end, the results were worth the sacrifices. Finding peers with similar goals and others who you can rely on for guidance is also key to success – CTS College is an excellent place to find such support.

Wall of Famer: Humchand Bissoondyal

Humchand Bissoondyal

ABE World Prize Winner - Mar 2020: L4 Dynamic Business Environment

At the young age of just 15, I became one of the youngest ever recipients of the ABE Top Paper Award! Securing the ABE Top Paper award for Level 4 Dynamic Business Environments marks the most fulfilling and honourable achievement thus far in my academic journey. The excitement I feel from attaining this accolade reignites my drive to overcome the challenges of my remaining Level 5 subjects and sets a clear course towards my ultimate goal of obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree by the age of 18.

My ABE journey at CTS College began shortly after obtaining my CSEC certificate in 2019, at the tender age of 14 when I sat my CSEC exams. It was a source of great pride to be recognised in the CSEC Merit List, ranking among the top 100 students in three of my CSEC subjects. Transitioning into a new academic environment presented numerous challenges, including self-doubt, stress and procrastination, all of which hindered my performance. However, upon reflection on my priorities and goals, I recognised the detrimental nature of these behaviours. Through distancing myself from distractions, cultivating a positive mindset and maintaining consistent revision, I realigned my focus with my aspirations. With three distinctions and one merit at the Level 4 Diploma and now the prestigious Top Paper Award, I proudly share with fellow students that while obstacles may cloud our path, they are not insurmountable. Persistence and determination have been instrumental in my success.

Yet, my academic achievements owe much to the supportive environment cultivated at CTS College. From an encouraging and inspiring principal to dedicated teachers and staff, the atmosphere at CTS College fosters a nurturing experience that fuels motivation. I eagerly anticipate continuing my journey at CTS College and am confident that with their ongoing support, I will achieve even greater milestones.

In conclusion, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the unit lecturer, as well as to my family and friends, whose unwavering support and encouragement bolstered the confidence and determination necessary to attain this remarkable accomplishment.

Wall of Famer: Shawnte Swann

Shawnte Swann

ABE Top Paper Award Winner

Shawnte Swann completed the ABE Level 4 Diploma in December 2019 with 4 Distinctions and was honoured with an ABE Top Paper Award. Shawnte swiftly progressed through the ABE Level 5 Diploma, achieving completion in just six months. Remarkably, at the age of only 18, Shawnte enrolled in the final year of the University of Hertfordshire’s BA (Hons) Business Administration programme. CTS College proudly celebrates Shawnte for her exceptional achievements and she graciously shares her insights for success. Here is her story:

Receiving the Top Paper Award for Enterprising Organisation in December 2019 is a deeply humbling honour and stands as one of my greatest achievements to date. Immediately following the completion of my Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examination, I embarked on my diploma studies as a full-time student. The journey began with significant challenges. I recall moments of frustration and even tears during study sessions; yet, despite these obstacles, I remained steadfast in my commitment to my studies. My unwavering determination propelled me to attain four distinctions at Level 4 and to successfully complete the Level 5 Diploma within a mere six months. I am immensely exhilarated to have reached this milestone and can attest to the abundant rewards of resilience and diligence.

I urge every student to aspire for excellence and refuse to settle for mediocrity. My foremost piece of advice for success is to prioritise God. Too often, we become entangled in the demands of our responsibilities and relationships, neglecting to place God at the forefront. In all your endeavours, seek God's guidance – before embarking on your studies, during moments of adversity, amidst feelings of overwhelm and even in moments of triumph – let God take precedence. Commence every study session with prayer, seeking wisdom and strength from above to navigate your academic journey.

Furthermore, do not allow studying to become burdensome. Discover enjoyable and interactive methods of study, reward yourself for your efforts and take regular breaks. Recognise that mental well-being is integral to your educational pursuit and honour your mind and body; learning flourishes in a relaxed, stress-free environment.

Additionally, revise your lessons after each class. You need not delve excessively deep, but ensure you grasp the material thoroughly; seek assistance from your lecturers or utilise online resources like YouTube if needed. With the information fresh in your mind, revisiting it facilitates retention and alleviates the pressure of studying, particularly when preparing for assessments.

Avoid comparing yourself to others; instead, focus on becoming the best version of yourself. As Theodore Roosevelt aptly stated, "Comparison is the thief of joy." Embrace this truth; your moment to shine will inevitably arrive. Maintain confidence in your abilities, persevere diligently and prioritise your mental and physical well-being.

My life motto, inspired by Philippians 4:13, declares, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." I firmly believe that each individual possesses the resilience to triumph in life, drawing strength from the divine.

Lastly, maintain a positive outlook even amidst adversity. Find the silver lining in every dark cloud, for positivity breeds success. Speak your aspirations into existence and refuse to settle for anything less than the best.

In conclusion, I extend heartfelt gratitude to my parents, teachers, friends and the dedicated staff of CTS College for their unwavering support and guidance. Above all, I attribute my achievements to God's grace, which enabled me to overcome countless obstacles and emerge victorious.

Wall of Famer: Kevin David

Kevin David

AIB MBA Valedictorian 2017 and 2018

CTS College’s student Kevin David has made history by becoming the first Trinidadian to be named as the AIB MBA Valedictorian, marking the first time in AIB’s history that a student has achieved this honour for two separate qualifications.

CTS College of Business and Computer Science proudly celebrates the exceptional achievement of Mr. Kevin Mordecia David, one of our MBA students. Kevin successfully completed the Australian Institute of Business’ (AIB) MBA Programme in September 2018. This year, Kevin distinguished himself by achieving the highest grade point average among all graduating students in December 2018, not just within CTS College or Trinidad, but globally! As a result, he has been appointed as the class Valedictorian.

This remarkable feat is further underscored by Kevin's prior accomplishment as the Valedictorian for the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Programme, where he also achieved the highest grade point average for the graduating class of 2017. This unprecedented achievement marks the first instance in AIB’s history where a student has been named Valedictorian for two separate qualifications. Kevin’s dedication and unwavering commitment to his academic and career pursuits are truly commendable. Throughout his academic journey, Kevin exhibited exemplary behaviour, attending all classes punctually and approaching his assignments and exams with unwavering determination.

Kevin attributes his success to his personal motto, "Give God pre-eminence, believe, make positive affirmations and act." His affirmations of academic success were complemented by a rigorous study routine, sheer hard work and unwavering dedication. Additionally, Kevin acknowledges the crucial support he received from his family, friends, employer and CTS College. He emphasises the significance of the supportive framework provided by AIB and CTS College, as well as the effectiveness of the dynamic teaching methods employed by the lecturers, who went above and beyond to assist students even outside regular college hours. Kevin expresses deep humility and gratitude for the opportunity to pursue and successfully complete both the AIB BBA and MBA qualifications, as well as for clinching the world prize for the top student on both occasions. He acknowledges the profound impact of both AIB and CTS College in unlocking students' God-given potential for academic success and transforming dreams into reality.

Kevin's advice to aspiring students seeking similar achievements echoes his personal mantra: "Give God pre-eminence, believe, make positive affirmations and act (work hard)!"

CTS College takes immense pride in Kevin's remarkable achievements and extends heartfelt congratulations to him. We wish him continued success in all his future endeavours. Kevin's journey serves as a testament to the fact that academic success requires hard work, dedication and a supportive environment and with these elements in place, no dream is unattainable or too challenging to pursue!

Wall of Famer: Narissa Bachoo

Narissa Bachoo

December 2017 Top Paper Award (Quantitative Methods for Business Management)

I am thrilled to have been awarded the top paper award in Quantitative Methods for Business Management in December 2017. With a BSc. Degree in Chemistry from the University of the West Indies under my belt, my initial career aspirations were rooted in the field of Science. However, my professional journey took an unexpected turn when I found myself employed in the financial services sector after graduating from UWI. This experience sparked a newfound interest in Business and prompted me to explore further studies in this domain.

Opting to pursue the ABE Level 5 Diploma at CTS College was a decision influenced by the plethora of positive testimonials from fellow students. From my very first day at the institution, it became evident that CTS College is deeply committed to delivering courses efficiently while prioritising customer satisfaction, as articulated in their vision statement. The college boasts a team of dedicated, engaging and thorough lecturers who consistently go above and beyond to support students, extending assistance beyond the confines of the classroom via email or phone to ensure examination success.

This achievement stands as a testament to the combination of discipline, determination and hard work, coupled with the invaluable support of others. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Maharaj and the entire team at CTS College for their invaluable guidance, as well as to my family and friends for their unwavering support throughout my academic pursuit.

Wall of Famer: Rama Mathura

Rama Mathura


Rama Mathura has played a pivotal role in shaping the minds of CTS College students since 2011. As a lecturer who embodies the ethos of 'Education beyond the Academics,' he ensures the timely delivery of subject matter and offers himself for additional advice and guidance to students. Actively engaged within the college community, he participates in events organised by the Social Events Committee, contributes to the Animals Alive Animal Sanctuary and has recently initiated DIY courses in vocational education at CTS College. Notably, Mr. Mathura also imparts Health and Safety training to students, further showcasing his dedication to their holistic development. His years of commitment and a dash of humour in the classroom have endeared him to students, resulting in a prestigious nomination for the CTS College Wall of Fame.

Mr. Mathura's primary objective is to guide all students through their exams, while also preparing them for real-world scenarios encountered both inside and outside the workplace. He views his strong work ethic as his greatest contribution to CTS College, enabling him to meticulously organise course delivery. Drawing a distinction between CTS College and other institutions where he has worked, he highlights the college's customer-centric and family-oriented ethos. In a recent interview, Mr. Mathura expressed, "People genuinely try to help each other at CTS College, a quality that sets it apart from other organisations." When asked for advice to students, he emphasised the importance of hard work, stating, "Life does not owe us anything; expecting more than what we invest is fallacious. Students must buckle down and put in the effort to succeed. We all have a duty to give back in some way." For Mr. Mathura, this duty is fulfilled through education, providing knowledge, hope and assistance to students in achieving their goals.

Described by students as approachable, friendly and possessing a delightful sense of humour, Mr. Mathura fosters an environment where students feel encouraged to excel academically and seek guidance on various aspects of life. He tailors his teaching approach to accommodate different learning styles and goes the extra mile by offering assistance beyond regular working hours, making himself available via email, phone calls and face-to-face meetings when needed. He is a lecturer who leaves a lasting impression on students throughout their journey at CTS College and beyond. Reflecting on his nomination, Mr. Mathura humbly remarked, "It is deeply gratifying and indeed very humbling to be considered for this nomination from the students of CTS College."

Wall of Famer: Sabita Lalbiharie

Sabita Lalbiharie

ABE World Prize Winner December 2016

Receiving the ABE Top Paper Award for the Level 6 Project Management unit is truly an honour. I am grateful to my lecturer for his invaluable guidance throughout this module, as well as to my support network and the administrative team for their assistance.

Enrolling at CTS College to pursue the ABE course was a decision I will always cherish, both financially and in terms of my career. Success in all my exams was not a stroke of luck; it stemmed from a strong thirst for knowledge and discovering the learning style that suited me best.

To excel in such a programme, it is crucial to have a solid grasp of the fundamental concepts of business management, spanning traditional and contemporary practices. For me, this foundation was laid in the previous level through engaging lectures, study sessions and thorough analysis of past paper questions and answers. Understanding the interconnectedness of the modules is paramount, as it forms the bedrock for advanced-level studies.

For those encountering obstacles, my advice is simple: persevere. Sometimes, overcoming challenges may entail making mistakes numerous times before finally finding the right solution. But each failure brings you one step closer to success.

Wall of Famer: Devindra Rampersad

Devindra Rampersad

ABMA Education Outstanding Achievement Award

I feel incredibly honoured to have been awarded the ABMA Education Outstanding Achievement Award for the June 2016 series of examinations at CTS College of Business and Computer Science. My sincere gratitude goes out to CTS College for acknowledging my efforts.

While I am truly delighted to receive this award, I must acknowledge the challenges I encountered along the way. Thankfully, all my tutors were more than willing to provide guidance and support, creating a student-friendly environment where individual attention was readily available.

Several key factors contributed to my success in the ABMA programme: determination, focus and dedicating ample study time to my coursework. My advice to new students embarking on this programme is to take ownership of your education and cultivate strong academic habits such as maintaining schedules, setting academic goals, attending all classes and utilising various resources. Importantly, don't hesitate to ask questions; "Successful students ask questions to provide the quickest route between ignorance and knowledge." Although the workload may seem daunting and obstacles may arise, prioritise effectively and have faith in your abilities; success will follow.

Winning this award would not have been possible without the inspiration and support I received from my family, lecturers and colleagues, whom I deeply respect. In challenging times, I leaned on my family for support, while dedicated lecturers created an environment conducive to my academic success. I extend a special thank you to Mr. Ramganesh for his patient assistance and guidance. Additionally, I am grateful to God for providing me with the faith and courage to persevere.

Currently, I am a student at the University of the West Indies in the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, but I anticipate returning to CTS College in the near future. I am committed to reaching new heights in my engineering career and eagerly seeking opportunities to utilise my skills, expand my knowledge and contribute effectively to society. Once again, thank you, CTS College, for this wonderful recognition.

Note from CTS College:

Devindra Rampersad won the ABMA Education Outstanding Achievement Award for having the highest average globally at the Level 6 Computing and Information Systems exams in June 2016. His scores were 100, 99, 94, 92 and 87 in the 5 modules. He is the first and only student to have achieved 100 in a module in the ABMA programme.

Wall of Famer: Anjalie Simboo

Anjalie Simboo

ABE World Prize Winner (Introduction to Quantitative Methods)

Having a positive attitude is the first step to accomplishing anything.

From the moment I set foot in CTS College to the present day, I have been thoroughly impressed by the level of service and commitment demonstrated by every member of staff. Initially, when I embarked on the ABE course, I was still uncertain if it was the right path for me. However, as time passed, I discovered the opportunities available to me and everything began to fall into place.

Despite my hard work and disciplined approach to my studies, I am still amazed to have achieved distinctions (A*) in all four subjects taken in the June 2016 ABE examination. Winning a World Prize for Introduction to Quantitative Methods is an incredibly humbling experience. Credit must be given to the staff and students of CTS College for their role in this achievement. My classmates made the ABE/CTS College experience truly enjoyable. We have a fantastic support system and our bond feels more like family than just friendship. Additionally, my lecturers were truly inspirational, going above and beyond to ensure students were well-prepared for their exams. I would also like to express my gratitude to my family for their unwavering love and support, creating an environment conducive to learning at home.

Receiving a World Prize, along with the scholarship from CTS College, has exceeded my expectations. I am grateful for the investment made in my holistic development.

Currently, I am pursuing ABE Level 5, aiming to lay the groundwork for my career and expand my knowledge. My passion lies in a blend of business & culinary arts and I aspire to one day open my own gourmet cafe.

To all students, I encourage you to persevere and remain committed to your goals. Don't be deterred by obstacles; continue to strive for excellence. Consistent study, reading the course materials and practising past paper questions are vital. Moreover, supporting others in their learning journey reinforces your own understanding. Importantly, enjoy your study experience, embrace the camaraderie and utilise the classroom as a platform not only for academic growth but also for forming lifelong friendships.

I extend my heartfelt thanks to CTS College and ABE for bringing me closer to turning my dreams into reality.

Wall of Famer: Chantal A. Statham-Khan

Chantal A. Statham-Khan

ABE World Prize Winner

I embarked on the ABE Business Management programme without a clear idea of my future direction. However, I was immediately impressed by CTS College from the outset and have witnessed its transformation into a respected institution over time. Upon completing the Certificate Level, I was certain that continuing my studies with CTS College was the right choice.

Pursuing the ABE programme has broadened my horizons, allowing me to complete certificates and diplomas within just six months. Honestly, I have no complaints; CTS College has met all my academic needs. Where else can you find lecturers who are willing to provide their personal contact details, including email and mobile number, so you can reach them outside of school hours? Or who are willing to assist with studying late into the night via email? The lecturers at CTS College are truly passionate about teaching and ensuring the success of their students. They prioritise student welfare above all else and for that, I am incredibly grateful.

Winning the ABE World Prize stands as one of my proudest achievements. It serves as a testament to the rewards of hard work and sacrifice. I am immensely proud and can confidently affirm that perseverance pays off. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to my support system for their unwavering encouragement and motivation during times when I felt like giving up. Remember, anyone can achieve a world prize, so remind yourself of this every day. Will it be easy? Certainly not. Will it be worth it? Absolutely!

Wall of Famer: Alyssa Sawh

Alyssa Sawh

ABE World Prize Winner

Education is a vital component in achieving one's career goals and selecting the right programme and institution necessitated thorough research.

I opted to pursue the ABE Business Management programme after witnessing the substantial benefits it conferred upon my colleagues and peers, propelling them ahead in their respective careers.

. Some of the key features that helped me to choose the ABE qualification were:

  • One can gain an ABE qualification in as little as 6 months
  • ABE is also one of the most affordable programmes available to nationals of Trinidad and Tobago
  • ABE programmes are accredited in the UK and recognised in Trinidad and Tobago and globally
  • ABE qualifications are very affordable
  • ABE also has progression opportunities with various recognised world ranked Universities

Selecting the right college turned out to be simpler than I anticipated. I sought a college that prioritised its students and provided ample support both inside and outside the classroom. With glowing recommendations about their outstanding lecturers, exceptional customer service and academic achievements, CTS College was the obvious choice for me. My expectations were exceeded from day one of my lectures with Mr. Ravi Ragoonath and Mr. Arnold Ramjitsingh. Their evident passion for teaching and dedication to their students' success served as a significant motivator in my pursuit of excellence.

Winning a World Prize is a truly remarkable achievement for me, highlighting the effectiveness of prayer, perseverance and the right mindset in attaining one's goals. Hard work is undoubtedly crucial and successfully managing multiple commitments played a significant role in my success. I am also grateful to my family for their unwavering support and motivation throughout my journey.

Wall of Famer: Goommatie Jamie Rattan

Goommatie Jamie Rattan

ABE World Prize Winner

We take great pride and joy in sharing the success story of our latest ABE World Prize recipient, Ms. Goommatie Jamie Rattan.

Initially, Ms. Rattan's decision to enrol at CTS College was primarily based on financial considerations, as the rates offered by CTS College were highly competitive. She began her journey at ABE Level 4 and subsequently progressed to Level 5. However, her decision to continue to the next level was influenced by various other factors, with the most significant being the unwavering dedication displayed by her lecturers. Ms. Rattan enthusiastically remarked, "Where else would you find a lecturer apologising for awarding a low grade?" It was none other than Mr. Ravi Ragoonath, the academic director and Quantitative Methods lecturer, who did so, aiming to inspire his students to strive for higher standards in their assessments. Notably, Mr. Ragoonath also provided tutoring to Ms. Rattan for the subject in which she clinched the ABE World Prize.

A modest Ms. Rattan extended her gratitude not only to Mr. Ragoonath but to all her lecturers who consistently encouraged and motivated her to pursue excellence. She acknowledged that balancing work and school schedules was no easy feat but emphasised that with strong support from her parents, family, friends and coworkers, anything was achievable. Ms. Rattan adhered to a rigorous study routine involving regular revision and practice with past papers.

In conclusion, the CTS College and ABE World Prize recipient reflected, "It still amazes me that I have attained this prestigious honour and I am humbled by the well wishes and accolades received as a result of this achievement." This success serves as a testament to the power of hard work, coupled with the support of loved ones, educators, peers and the college administration, proving that anything is within reach.

Wall of Famer: Nicholas Griffith

Nicholas Griffith

CTS College student wins "Power of Football" contest

Nicholas Griffith, a 28-year-old football coach from Crown Trace in Enterprise, was returning home from a tournament in Tobago when a tweet informed him that his youth club had emerged victorious in the "Power of Football" contest for its positive impact on the community.

In recognition of this achievement, Griffith, supported by the title sponsor, will be awarded a Kia Soul car.

"I just went crazy," Griffith recounted to Wired868. "It was an overwhelming, joyous feeling and I just started bawling. After devoting so many years to working with at-risk youths, being acknowledged on an international platform is an irreplaceable moment.

"While winning a vehicle is gratifying, it cannot equate to the dedication I have poured into my work over the years. It's the validation from an international body that truly lifts me."

This accolade marks a remarkable ascent for a club that had rather humble beginnings in Crown Trace.

Each day, Griffith would pass by numerous youths engaging in smoking and gambling on the streets, while the area was notorious for even graver issues. Although Griffith had limited football experience himself, having only played in informal matches on the streets and a brief stint in one Republic Bank Youth competition, he recognised football as the most effective means of connecting with the youth.

"I wasn't particularly fond of football back then," Griffith admitted. "But I felt compelled to take action and football was the activity they enjoyed most in the area."

Click here to read the full article at wired868.com.

Wall of Famer: Abdur Raheem Mohammed

Abdur Raheem Mohammed

ABE World Prize Winner

Abdur completed the ABE Level 5 Diploma and, upon learning about CTS College's remarkable reputation and achievements, decided to enrol for the ABE Level 6 Diploma with us. He expressed, "I had to see it for myself – the excellent service, support and lecturers – because seeing is believing."

Upon receiving the fantastic news of winning the ABE World Prize for Project Management, Abdur was filled with excitement and gratitude towards all those who contributed to his success. He remarked, "It proves to me that nothing is impossible. Sometimes, as a student, you may feel underestimated or undervalued academically, but never let this discourage you. Always remember the saying, 'Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you'll end up with the stars.'"

CTS College extends heartfelt congratulations to Abdur on his outstanding achievement and wishes him the very best in his future endeavours. It is indeed a special moment to celebrate the success of our students, who continue to inspire us every day.

Abdur concluded by stating, "When you set your mind to it and put in a little extra effort and time, the outcome will always be in your favour. I highly recommend anyone to join CTS College, become part of the family, experience quality education and enjoy success!"

Wall of Famer: Nataki Anika Alana Williams

Nataki Anika Alana Williams

ABE World Prize Winner

Nataki embarked on her journey with CTS College and the ABE programme after receiving glowing recommendations from three friends who were already students at the college. Reflecting on her decision, Nataki remarked, "Starting something new can bring about uncertainty and fear, but I had three options: fight, flight, or freeze. With the encouragement from those around me, I chose to confront my fears and enrolled to pursue my ABE Management Information Systems diploma with CTS College."

Upon learning that she had clinched two World Prizes in the December 2013 examination sitting for Information Systems Development and Information Systems Applications for Business, Nataki was filled with both excitement and humility. She expressed, "Achieving academic goals is a significant accomplishment for any student, but to achieve them with the support of a few key individuals brings about a profound sense of joy."

Nataki Anika Alana Williams has demonstrated that with perseverance and commitment, success is attainable. CTS College extends heartfelt congratulations to Nataki on her remarkable double World Prize achievement and wishes her every success in her future pursuits.

In closing, Nataki offered words of encouragement to all ABE students, saying, "I urge all ABE students to strive for excellence and remember that being a winner is within reach. Never lose hope, keep pushing forward and success will be within your grasp."

Wall of Famer: Itasha Leon

Itasha Leon

ABMA Outstanding Achievement

We take immense pride in announcing another outstanding exam performance by one of our esteemed CTS College students, Ms. Itasha Leon. Ms. Leon was enrolled in the ABMA programme and consistently demonstrated commendable performance throughout her course of study. Following the June 2013 examinations, ABMA has honoured Ms. Leon with the prestigious ABMA Outstanding Achievement Award.

Her exceptional results placed her among the top performers, with Ms. Leon achieving the highest marks in each of her 5 exams at CTS College and maintaining an outstanding overall average of 82 marks.

In recognition of her remarkable achievement, Ms. Leon has been awarded the esteemed ABMA Outstanding Achievement Medal and a certificate of achievement. This achievement holds significant importance for CTS College, marking the very first time Level 6 exams of the ABMA programme have been undertaken. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Itasha and convey our best wishes for her promising and bright future.

Wall of Famer: Arnold Ramjitsingh

Arnold Ramjitsingh


Over the years, CTS College and our students have garnered numerous accomplishments, successes and world prizes. Despite our comparatively smaller size compared to many larger institutions, we have consistently stood out in academic results and educational standards, as evidenced by our consecutive QuITE Awards victories in two consecutive years. While we take pride in these achievements, we also wish to acknowledge and highlight some unsung heroes who have played a pivotal role in our success – our Lecturers Extraordinaire!

In recognition of these dedicated individuals, we aim to feature a lecturer each month. For the month of August, our featured lecturer is Mr. Arnold Ramjitsingh. Throughout the years, Mr. Ramjitsingh has established himself as a lecturer of extraordinary calibre, earning numerous world prizes across various course levels. His meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to student success have garnered him many accolades and testimonials from grateful students who have benefitted from his dedicated service over the years.

As we feature Mr. Ramjitsingh we would also like to share an article written by him on his experiences at CTS College:

CTS College: A place to inspire and be inspired!

Joining CTS College in 2003 has been a tremendous learning experience and one of the best decisions of my life. I would encourage and invite anyone to join our staff faculty. CTS College is a growing institution with a friendly, family and welcoming atmosphere. Students, faculty, staff and administrators create a culture of close knit relationships that is rich in diversity by any definition. We embrace learning by challenging ideas, dissecting issues and by responding to industry needs with relevant and contemporary programmes.

CTS College maintains a tradition of quality education, success and commitment. A unified cadre of dedicated, experienced and well qualified lecturers consistently produce top students and world prize winners in every programme of study. At the helm of the College are directors who practice a truly innovative style of leadership which focuses on building effective and lasting relationships with students. In addition, faculty and staff all play an active role in shaping the futures of students. They take the time to get to know each student and work with them on an individual basis to meet their needs and attain their educational goals.

One of the hallmark features of CTS College is its focus on the holistic growth and development of the student. Alumni, sports and family days, mentorship and a myriad of extracurricular opportunities enable students to become balanced, mature and well rounded graduates. The best thing about being an educator at this level is the impact you can have on students and the direct influence on their futures. Instructing can be challenging, but it is also rewarding to be given the privilege to teach someone, to inspire and to help improve their life. Watching students develop and change over the semester is a real reward for me.

In conclusion, CTS College is a place where lasting relationships are forged, futures are shaped and leaders are born. CTS College is indeed a place the experience is beyond the academics.

Wall of Famer: Wesley Gervais

Wesley Gervais

CTS College Wall of Famer - June 2013

Wesley Gervais is an ambitious entrepreneur and IT professional with over six years of experience in the Information Systems and Technology sector. He has held positions at esteemed organisations including Republic Bank Ltd, the Office of the Parliament of Trinidad and Tobago and Government Information Services Ltd.

In 2011, Wesley graduated with First Class Honours in BSc Computer Science from the University of Hertfordshire, UK, through CTS College. Throughout his academic journey, he received several accolades, including the NCC Regional Achiever award for achieving the highest score in the second year of his degree programme. Additionally, he secured first place in one of his final year modules and won the Idea 2 Innovation (I2I) award in 2012.

Notably, Wesley's entrepreneurial spirit shone through when he won an award in the best Economic Entrepreneur Category of the Caribbean Innovation Challenge (CIC) in April 2013 in Barbados. Furthermore, he clinched the Louis Ferrand's Social Entrepreneur Award at the Talent and Innovation (TIC) Americas 2013 held in Antigua Guatemala in June. Wesley was among the two Trinidadians honoured at this prestigious event.

His winning business idea for the I2I, CIC and TIC was Hivesource, an online outsourcing marketplace that facilitates project-based work for skilled individuals. Initially conceived as his final year project, Wesley intends to commercialise Hivesource for public use and is close to launching the beta version of the website within a few weeks.

During his participation in the TIC Americas, Wesley was selected as the Caribbean representative to present concrete recommendations and actions from plenary sessions at the CIC and TIC to the Heads of Delegation at the OAS General Assembly on June 4th, 2013.

We are an ACTT recognised institution and partner with international awarding bodies