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Student Support

CTS College: Student Support

Student Life Development

This encompasses sessions such as:

  • Student week
  • Career guidance sessions
  • Academic Writing Sessions
  • Referencing Sessions
  • Research Skills Training
  • Study skills sessions
  • Academic Workshops
  • Professional Advice and Presentations
  • One on One Guidance Sessions
  • Interview Preparation
  • Resume writing

Quality in Student Support

  • Personnel in charge of quality – QMS Representative Ravi Johnson
  • Staff training and certification in quality management
  • All staff trained in quality management procedures
  • Programme managers assigned

Programme Manager Support

Each programme has a Programme Manager that is responsible for their programme and offers support to the students through in both an academic and administrative setting which extends to counselling if needed. Programme Managers are available through emails, calls, WhatsApp and face-to-face meetings.

Lecturer Support

The College implements the following to evaluate and improve its student support services:

  • Lecturer Training in Mapping Learning Outcomes with in Class Delivery
  • Support for "At Risk" Students
  • Student Council
  • Continuous Evaluations

Scholarship Programme

CTS College rewards students for their academic accomplishments through scholarships and discounts for superior academic performance. Financial aid and payment plans are available to help ease the financial burdens on students throughout their journey.


CTS College recognises the instrumental need for suitable, qualified and adequate support for students in the areas of counselling and guidance and has such invested in the services of and training of personnel to lend support in these areas. The College makes use of the following resources to ensure students' needs or issues are addressed in a professional manner:

  • External Counsellor
  • Programme Manager Support
  • Mentors
  • Key Advisors
  • Online Support
  • Career guidance and information sessions

The Social Events Committee

The CTS Social Events Committee is at the forefront of holding events geared at enhancing the student experience. This is one of the various ways that CTS College showcases its student support services. From hikes to Lip Sync Battles and its annual Christmas party, the committee aims to target the interest of the student body. The committee consists of a mixture of staff, students and alumni and the results can be seen on the CTS Social Events Committee Facebook page, where live videos and pictures are posted to demonstrate the level of participation and enjoyment that is being missed out on!

Student Council

Utilizing members from the different programmes, the student council's role is to identify and highlight issues and provide recommendation toward enhancing the student experience. It is a representation of the voices of the students and is used as a liaison between the teachers, academic staff, administrative staff and directors.

Classroom Standards

The College continues to invest in and upgrade its infrastructural resources to ensure quality education is delivered. Infrastructural improvements in classroom facilities are constantly undertaken to ensure student comfort, adequate spatial capacity and ambient surroundings. Student leisure and socializing is also an important aspect of student life at CTS College.

Employment Assistance

CTS College has strategic alliances with a variety of employers that are constantly recruiting from the student body. Vacancies are sent out via newsletter and job fairs are held yearly. Programme Managers also help with creating resumes and perfecting interviewing skills.

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