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CTS Student Wins University Award For Best Student

Posted on: 15 Mar, 2020

Wall of Famer: Salisha Ishmael

Salisha Ishmael

Best Student in the BA (Hons) Business Administration Programme

The University of Hertfordshire’s Business School Board of Examiners has introduced a University Prize for the Best Student in the BA (Hons) Business Administration programme. This will typically be awarded to the student with the highest average score across all partner institutions of the University of Hertfordshire offering the BA (Hons) Business Administration programme.

The award was recently established and the first recipient of this prestigious award was Salisha Ishmael of CTS College. Salish had an average of 75.83 in the BA (Hons) Business Administration programme and will graduate with First Class Honours..

Salisha is no stranger to awards having previously won an ABE Top Paper award.

CTS College would like to congratulate Salisha on her award. Achieving such a high score was no easy task, and Salisha’s hard work and perseverance have paid off. As part of her award, Salisha will also receive an Amazon Voucher valued at £100 from the University.  

As a recipient of such an coveted award, CTS College will also award Salisha a partial scholarship valued at $15000 towards her MBA at CTS College.

CTS College recognises that such an award would not have been possible without the dedication and support from our lecturers (Arnold, Nigel and Vinod) as well as a dedicated programme manager (Jude Bernard). This is a humbling achievement for all of us at CTS College.

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