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Testimonial: Salisha Ishmael

Salisha Ishmael

Best Student in the BA (Hons) Business Administration Programme

The decision to further my professional development at CTS College is one that I will never regret. The culture at CTS continues to be one of inspiration and motivation, as they encourage students to push beyond their personal boundaries in order to achieve excellence. The learning environment is one of fun and excitement, which creates a family type atmosphere offering further support and fostering camaraderie amongst its students and staff.

Undertaking the BABA programme with University of Hertfordshire, has provided me with the opportunity to refine my management, research, analytical and interpersonal skills, thus improving my capabilities within the working environment.

Throughout the programme, I remained focused and steadfast to my goal of achieving First Class Honours and was elated to accomplish same. Even though this achievement was fulfilling, I was further rewarded with the University of Hertfordshire’s Best Student Award for the BABA Programme 2020, which was unexpected and indeed humbling.

None of us can get to where we are going alone and this accomplishment would not have been possible without God’s blessings and the assistance of the dedicated and erudite lecturers at CTS namely: Mr Arnold Ramjitsingh, Mr. Nigel Bhagwatsaran, Mr. Vinod Bridglalsingh and Programme Manager, Mr. Jude Bernard. I am especially grateful for the support of my family, work colleagues, and group members Syan Mohammed and Jernene Horsford.

During my time at CTS, I have formed invaluable friendships, and have equipped myself with knowledge and experience that would be an asset as I continue my professional career and development.

A heartfelt thank you to the staff of CTS and everyone who supported and encouraged me in my quest for personal growth and development.

Testimonial: Sharadah Hosein

Sharadah Hosein


My experience at CTS College has been a memorable one. I truly believe that CTS College stands strong and firm with their motto "Where Education is Beyond Academics". I came to CTS College in 2018 seeking education, but what I got was much more than that; I received an experience that I surely will not forget. Not only does CTS College have a high success rate, but, they hold a strong passion for student development and student experience. The teachers are always willing to go the extra mile for the students and the administrative staff members are most informative and friendly. Textbooks can prescribe learning basics, but there’s no replacement for a teacher that explains it thoroughly. This is exactly what the teachers at CTS College stands for. My experience has been consistently exceptional as I transitioned from CTS College Private Secondary School to my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at CTS College. I highly recommend this institution to anyone who is seeking an affordable and flexible education.

Testimonial: Aletha Callender

Aletha Callendar

June 2018 ABE Top Paper Award (Operations Management)

CTS College came highly recommended by coworkers, family and friends. After evaluating business programs in the country the ABE program was the best option for me. My kids have passed through CTS College and I recommend them to everyone because of their customer service and the level of attention you receive from lecturers.

Testimonial: Marina Soodoo

Marina Soodoo

June 2018 ABE Top Paper Award ( Buyer and Consumer Behaviour)

My family and friends recommended CTS College because they attended, had high success rates and were able to advance in their respective careers. The ABE program offered by CTS is one of the best. They offer flexible class schedules and affordable prices. At CTS College the lectures are very attentive and take the extra time after class to answer questions and provide guidance. You don’t get that everywhere.

Testimonial: Anita Sookoo-Ramlal

Anita Sookoo-Ramlal

June 2018 ABE Top Paper Award (Strategic Marketing)

I chose CTS College because of their affordable prices, their flexibility in program schedule's and their great location. Enrolling at CTS has been an amazing experience as it’s not just about learning off facts, they train you how to think and apply what you learn.

Testimonial: Kezia Lucas

Kezia Lucas

June 2018 ABE Top Paper Award ( Buyer and Consumer Behaviour)

My parents enrolled me at CTS College at the age of 15 for CXC after school lessons. Since then I have been in love with this college. I was looking for foundation courses to develop my future career and CTS had the most affordable flexible programs.

Testimonial: Ambika Kanhai

Ambika Kanhai

BA (Hons) in Business Administration - University of Hertfordshire

I came to CTS with the goal of becoming professionally trained and qualified. What I received from CTS was more than just an education, it was an experience. At CTS students are engaged to realise their true potential through a dynamic team of highly qualified, experienced and passionate lecturers and an excellent student support system exclusive to CTS.

Having successfully completed the ABE Business Management Programme I then pursued the BA (Hons) in Business Administration from the University of Hertfordshire with CTS. The BA in Business Administration contributed significantly to my professional development and is continuing to create many career opportunities for me. Particularly most rewarding for me with this programme was graduating with a First Class Honours, a success testament to the level of support received. Through CTS and the University of Hertfordshire’s blended learning initiative learning became quite easy and fun. Studynet provided the convenience necessary for students like myself needing to leverage their time between work and school. While interactive and informative classroom discussions and online study groups provided that extra incentive to excel. Most importantly, from e-books to journals and more, studynet covered an extensive database of resources which provided students with all the materials necessary to succeed. Moreover, the programme modules were well designed and structured to replicate real business situations and prepare students to meet the demands of today’s ever changing business environment.

Having studied at CTS I am more confident and motivated to further pursue my education to the next level, MBA. I encourage all to pursue the BA in Business Administration- University of Hertfordshire, the rewards are limitless. It is a privilege to share my experience, and to the many prospective students out there searching for a reputable educational provider, CTS exceeded all my expectations and I am confident they’ll exceed yours too! Thank you CTS your support has truly been instrumental to my success.

Testimonial: Petal Derry

Petal Derry

BA (Hons) in Business Administration - University of Hertfordshire

I chose to do my BA Business Administration at CTS because a friend who studied there was always in full praise of the institution. The BA Business Administration was very contemporary, relevant and practical. The programme was expertly put together and extremely well delivered. My analytical and problem-solving skills were honed and greatly improved during the year that I spent at CTS.

Having completed my BA, I must say that I was not at all disappointed in my choice of institution for tertiary studies and will recommend it to anyone wishing to pursue higher education. Attending classes at CTS was like studying with family...the culture was relaxed, fun, encouraging and you are known by name not a student number. In fact, I was so pleased with the environment, service, staff and programme that CTS is my top choice for the Masters Programme.

Effective time management was of the utmost importance for me as an individual who worked and played a sport at national level while studying. CTS made it easier for me because of the hard work and organizational skills of lectures and staff as well as the college’s appreciation for the working student. However it goes without saying, that students will only get out of the programmes as much as they put in, so hard work, sacrifice, determination and trust in God were also reasons for my success in the programme.

My advice to anyone wishing to succeed in their chosen studies at CTS is "work hard, trust in God and CTS will do the rest for you to achieve success"

Testimonial: Nadine Yildirim

Nadine Yildirim

ABE Diploma

I have been a student of CTS College since January 2007 and would highly recommend them. My experience at CTS College was and still is exhilarating. CTS College offered me an opportunity to pursue a programme (ABE) which allowed me to progress straight to an BA or MBA in just a year! That gives me an edge over the others, in a world where "Time is Money". I have been able to recognise my potential by taking part in educational as well as extracurricular school activities. I found myself challenged yet rewarded. The education I have received from CTS College has been priceless. I never imagined I would have gained the knowledge I have from the ABE program.

I have formed valuable contacts and invaluable new friendships. The instructors and staff are always welcoming and pleasant to work with. Any time I had a question or problem they were there to assist me. I have grown as a person and in my career because of the education I have received. Their teaching methods are very good and all my lecturers were very knowledgeable, encouraging and patient allowing me to make excellent progress, I owe so much to them. The administration of the school is most professional but yet down to earth and friendly, there is something special about the staff. The teaching method follows an organized progressive structure. It has been an amazing experience thus far and continues to be.

CTS College is not just about academic knowledge, rather, but encourages students to use their creative abilities to solve problems. CTS College definitely has the feel of a family, not a College. My experience continues to be an awesome one. I am glad with my choice to enrol at CTS College. It is an experience of a lifetime. You need to study here to experience this!

Testimonial: Pamela Coa-White

Pamela Coa-White

BA (Hons) in Business Administration - University of Hertfordshire

I returned to the academic classroom after an absence of more than 20 years and I earned my B.A. degree in Business Administration from the University of Hertfordshire. The University of Hertfordshire and CTS College in Trinidad and Tobago have earned my admiration. The University of Hertfordshire provided a well-planned course of study with supporting e-learning platforms such as Studynet which was invaluable to mature, working students like myself. Studynet is where all course outlines, teaching notes, reading materials and assessment and examination time tables are posted.

Equally supportive were the lecturers and administrative staff at the CTSCBCS College. Lecturers went the extra mile by sending reminders and facilitating tutorials to ensure that students met and surpassed the University’s requirements. CTS College also contributed to a good environment by having study rooms set with security, parking facilities and much needed photocopiers.

The most important lesson learnt was organization and management of time, and effective collaboration with team members. The course of study was hectic but with organization, I managed to successfully complete with an Upper Second Class degree in Business Administration.

Testimonial: Candice Blackman

Candice Blackman

BA (Hons) in Business Administration - University of Hertfordshire

CTS College fosters holistic learning and development!!!

The school’s student support systems are second to none.

The Bachelor of Business Administration program from the University of Hertfordshire provides students with a blend of theoretical as well as practical learning that can be easily transferred to the work environment.

We are an ACTT recognised institution and partner with international awarding bodies