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Testimonial: Brandon Tickorie

Kevelle Jones

2nd place in the October 2023 batch of the BA (Hons) Business Administration Programme

My experience with CTS College has been truly remarkable, transitioning seamlessly from the ABE programme to the BABA Programme. I opted to enrol with CTS College while my mother was pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree, enticed by the institution's advertised affordable fees and convenient programme durations. During the ABE programme, I regularly commuted to Trinidad for weekend classes, then returned to my home on the sister isle in time for work. However, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic changed the landscape. While this posed challenges for many, I viewed it as a boon as it eliminated the need for frequent inter-island travel for classes. Throughout my tenure, CTS College has demonstrated exceptional accommodation, organisation and effectiveness, for which I am profoundly thankful.

Achieving the second-highest average in my graduating cohort is undeniably an honour. Without the support of God, my mother, my support network and my professors, who set high standards from day one, none of this would have been possible. I've learned that in life, hard work yields rewards and I'm elated that I persevered, refusing to be deterred by fear or a demanding schedule. Balancing multiple commitments and two jobs certainly presented challenges, but I firmly believe that effort correlates with outcome.

If you aspire to a specific goal, prioritise your faith, make sacrifices, work diligently and maintain patience. Remember, worthwhile pursuits are rarely effortless.

Testimonial: Brandon Tickorie

Brandon Tickorie

2nd Place In The June 2023 Batch Of The BA (Hons) Business Administration Programme

I am delighted to offer a sincere testimonial for CTS College of Business and Computer Science. My journey towards attaining a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration at CTS College was an extraordinary experience that I will treasure forever. Graduating with distinction, I credit my achievements to the invaluable guidance and mentorship provided by highly experienced and knowledgeable lecturers.

CTS College stands out not only for its exceptional education but also for its unwavering commitment to student achievement. The lecturers and administrative staff consistently went the extra mile to ensure that students like myself received the assistance needed to excel in our studies. As a professional in employment, the flexibility and convenience offered by CTS College's online learning platform made pursuing education a seamless and manageable undertaking.

What distinguishes CTS College is its strong affiliation with internationally esteemed universities such as the University of Hertfordshire, which speaks volumes about the quality and credibility of their degrees. The institution's dedication to delivering students a top-tier education is apparent in every aspect of its curriculum.

Without reservation, I enthusiastically recommend CTS College to anyone in search of a transformative educational journey. Whether you are a working professional seeking to enhance your skills or an enthusiastic learner striving for academic distinction, CTS College's exceptional faculty, supportive staff and outstanding learning environment will undoubtedly propel you towards success. My time at CTS College was not solely an educational voyage but a life-enriching experience for which I am sincerely grateful.

Testimonial: Jamile Lendor

Jamile Lendor

3rd Place BA (Hons) Business Administration Programme (Jun 2023)

I am pleased to seize this opportunity to express my gratitude to God for the grace required to embark on and complete this course. Additionally, I extend my thanks for the consistent academic support and dedication demonstrated by the lecturers and staff at CTS College; a portion of my academic success is undoubtedly owed to you.

My academic journey commenced with the ABE Business Management programme and progressed to the University of Hertfordshire's Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration in January 2022. I chose CTS College as my educational institution due to the exceptional experience it offered.

For those who are still undecided about enrolling at CTS College, I wholeheartedly recommend it. Indeed, opting to pursue a business degree at CTS College can be viewed as the initial stride towards success. The lecturers at CTS College appear to pledge themselves to excellence and dedication. Nonetheless, alongside your own diligence, persistence and discipline are essential for academic achievement as challenges will inevitably arise. My personal journey to this juncture has not been devoid of its share of challenges.

In conclusion, I leave you with these words of encouragement and counsel. Remember that nothing worthwhile is easily acquired. Persist in the pursuit of your aspirations, exert yourself diligently, remain steadfast and never fail to express gratitude to those who supported you along the way.

Testimonial: Anganie Mamzone Dassawh

Anganie Mamzone Dassawh

2nd Place BA (Hons) Business Administration Programme (Feb 2022)

My journey pursuing a BABA at CTS College has been an unparalleled and outstanding experience, affording me the chance to cultivate my character, enhance my self-assurance, refine my leadership, teamwork and business management abilities and broaden my understanding of the business realm. The unwavering support from my CTS College lecturers and the entire staff enabled me to strike a healthy balance between my employment, family commitments and education.

I am satisfied and grateful for the exceptional standard of education I have received here. Ultimately, I plan to continue my academic journey at CTS College by undertaking an MBA (HRM), enabling me to progress in my career while embarking on this remarkable learning voyage. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to my husband and son, who have consistently been my greatest supporters.

Testimonial: Ramesh Boodoosingh

Ramesh Boodoosingh

1st Place BA (Hons) Business Administration Programme (Feb 2022)

I made the decision to pursue my education and opted for CTS College after thorough research. I was pleasantly surprised and my choice was never in doubt. From the outset, the staff were welcoming and supportive. The lecturers were thorough and the interactive classes were immensely beneficial, especially given my background in Science/Engineering. My educational journey began with the ABE Level 5 Diploma programme, which facilitated my transition to the University of Hertfordshire’s Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration Programme.

To my lecturers, I cannot express enough gratitude for your guidance, support and encouragement. The skills I have acquired will be invaluable both academically and professionally throughout my career and personal life. To the programme coordinators, thank you for your efficiency and support during the programme, not to mention the moments of levity. These, combined with hard work and dedication, contributed significantly to my success, for which I am extremely thankful.

The support and dedication shown by the CTS College team throughout this journey have been priceless. It has been an enriching experience and I eagerly anticipate undertaking further programmes within the CTS College portfolio.

Testimonial: Salisha Ishmael

Salisha Ishmael

Best Student in the BA (Hons) Business Administration Programme

Choosing to advance my professional development at CTS College is a decision I will always cherish. The ethos at CTS College remains one of inspiration and motivation, encouraging students to surpass their personal limits to attain excellence. The learning atmosphere is vibrant and dynamic, fostering a sense of community akin to a family, providing additional support and nurturing camaraderie among students and staff.

Embarking on the BABA programme with the University of Hertfordshire has allowed me to hone my management, research, analytical and interpersonal skills, thus enhancing my capabilities within the professional arena.

Throughout the programme, I remained focused and resolute in my pursuit of achieving First Class Honours and I was overjoyed to attain this goal. Furthermore, I was honoured to receive the University of Hertfordshire’s Best Student Award for the BABA Programme 2020, a recognition that was unexpected and truly humbling.

None of us can reach our destination alone and this achievement would not have been possible without the blessings of God and the assistance of the dedicated and knowledgeable lecturers at CTS College, namely: Mr Arnold Ramjitsingh, Mr Nigel Bhagwatsaran, Mr Vinod Bridglalsingh and Programme Manager Mr Jude Bernard. I am particularly grateful for the support of my family, work colleagues and group members Syan Mohammed and Jernene Horsford.

During my tenure at CTS College, I have formed invaluable friendships and equipped myself with knowledge and experience that will be invaluable as I continue my professional career and development.

A heartfelt thank you to the staff of CTS College and everyone who supported and encouraged me in my journey towards personal growth and development.

Testimonial: Sharadah Hosein

Sharadah Hosein


My time at CTS College has been unforgettable. I firmly believe that CTS College upholds its motto, "Where Education is Beyond Academics", with conviction. I joined CTS College in 2018 in pursuit of education, but what I gained was far more; I received an experience that will stay with me. Not only does CTS College boast a high success rate, but it also exhibits a strong commitment to student development and experience.

The teachers consistently demonstrate a willingness to go above and beyond for their students and the administrative staff members are exceptionally informative and approachable. While textbooks may provide the basics of learning, there's no substitute for a teacher who explains concepts thoroughly and this is precisely what the teachers at CTS College embody. My experience has been consistently outstanding, from my time at CTS College Private Secondary School to pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at CTS College. I wholeheartedly recommend this institution to anyone seeking an affordable and flexible education.

Testimonial: Aletha Callender

Aletha Callendar

June 2018 ABE Top Paper Award (Operations Management)

CTS College received glowing recommendations from colleagues, relatives and friends. After assessing various business programmes in the country, I concluded that the ABE programme was the most suitable choice for me. Both of my children have benefited from their experiences at CTS College and I wholeheartedly endorse the institution to others due to its exceptional customer service and the attentive support provided by the lecturers.

Testimonial: Marina Soodoo

Marina Soodoo

June 2018 ABE Top Paper Award ( Buyer and Consumer Behaviour)

CTS College came highly recommended by my family and friends, who had attended and achieved notable success, propelling their careers forward. The ABE programme provided by CTS College is among the finest available. They provide flexible class timetables and reasonable fees. At CTS College, the lecturers are exceptionally attentive, dedicating extra time after classes to address queries and offer guidance. Such dedication is not commonplace elsewhere.

Testimonial: Anita Sookoo-Ramlal

Anita Sookoo-Ramlal

June 2018 ABE Top Paper Award (Strategic Marketing)

I opted for CTS College due to their competitive fees, flexible programme schedules and excellent location. Enrolling at CTS College has been a fantastic experience; it's not merely about memorising facts, but also about developing critical thinking skills and applying acquired knowledge.

Testimonial: Kezia Lucas

Kezia Lucas

June 2018 ABE Top Paper Award ( Buyer and Consumer Behaviour)

My parents registered me at CTS College when I was 15 for CXC after-school classes. Ever since, I have developed a deep affection for this college. I was seeking foundation courses to pave the way for my future career and CTS College offered the most affordable and flexible programmes available.

Testimonial: Ambika Kanhai

Ambika Kanhai

BA (Hons) in Business Administration - University of Hertfordshire

I arrived at CTS College with the ambition of gaining professional training and qualifications. However, what I encountered surpassed mere education; it was an enriching experience. At CTS College, students are empowered to discover their true potential through a dynamic team of highly qualified, experienced and passionate lecturers, coupled with an exceptional student support system exclusive to CTS College.

After successfully completing the ABE Business Management Programme, I embarked on the BA (Hons) in Business Administration from the University of Hertfordshire in partnership with CTS College. This programme significantly contributed to my professional growth and continues to open numerous career avenues for me. Attaining a First Class Honours was particularly gratifying and serves as a testament to the level of support provided. With CTS College and the University of Hertfordshire’s blended learning approach, learning became both enjoyable and accessible. Studynet offered the convenience necessary for students like myself balancing work and studies, while interactive classroom discussions and online study groups provided additional motivation to excel. Importantly, Studynet encompassed an extensive database of resources, from e-books to journals, equipping students with all necessary materials for success. Furthermore, the programme modules were meticulously designed to simulate real-world business scenarios, preparing students to navigate today’s dynamic business landscape.

My time at CTS College has bolstered my confidence and motivation to further my education with an MBA. I wholeheartedly encourage others to pursue the BA in Business Administration from the University of Hertfordshire; the opportunities are boundless. It is a privilege to share my experience and to prospective students seeking a reputable educational provider, I can confidently say that CTS College surpassed all my expectations and I am certain they will surpass yours too! Thank you, CTS College; your support has been instrumental to my success.

Testimonial: Petal Derry

Petal Derry

BA (Hons) in Business Administration - University of Hertfordshire

I opted to pursue my BA in Business Administration at CTS College upon the glowing recommendation of a friend who had studied there. The BA programme proved to be contemporary, relevant and practical, meticulously crafted and expertly delivered. My time at CTS College significantly enhanced my analytical and problem-solving abilities.

Having completed my BA, I can confidently affirm that my choice of institution for tertiary studies left me thoroughly satisfied and I wholeheartedly endorse it to anyone aspiring to pursue higher education. Attending classes at CTS College felt akin to studying among family; the atmosphere was relaxed, enjoyable and supportive, with a focus on personal connections rather than mere student numbers. In fact, I was so impressed with the environment, service, staff and programmes that CTS College remains my first choice for pursuing a Master's programme.

As an individual juggling work commitments and participation in national-level sports alongside my studies, effective time management was paramount for me. CTS College facilitated this through the hard work and organisational skills of lecturers and staff, as well as their understanding of the needs of working students. However, it is essential to acknowledge that students will only reap the benefits of the programmes through their own dedication, hard work, sacrifice, determination and faith in God, which were also crucial factors contributing to my success in the programme.

To anyone seeking success in their studies at CTS College, my advice is simple: "Work diligently, place your trust in God and CTS College will support you every step of the way towards achieving your goals."

Testimonial: Nadine Yildirim

Nadine Yildirim

ABE Diploma

I have been a student at CTS College since January 2007 and I wholeheartedly recommend them. My time at CTS College has been and continues to be, exhilarating. CTS College provided me with the opportunity to pursue a programme (ABE) that enabled me to progress directly to a BA or MBA in just a year! This has given me an advantage in a world where "Time is Money". Engaging in both educational and extracurricular activities has allowed me to discover and develop my potential. I have found myself challenged yet rewarded. The education I have received from CTS College has been invaluable. I never anticipated gaining the level of knowledge I have acquired from the ABE programme.

I have cultivated valuable connections and formed invaluable friendships. The instructors and staff are always warm and pleasant to interact with. Whenever I had a question or encountered a problem, they were readily available to assist me. I have grown personally and professionally because of the education I have received. Their teaching methods are highly effective and all my lecturers were extremely knowledgeable, supportive and patient, enabling me to make excellent progress. I am deeply indebted to them. The school administration is highly professional yet approachable and friendly; there is something truly special about the staff. The teaching methodology follows a structured and progressive approach. My experience thus far has been incredible and continues to be so.

CTS College not only focuses on academic knowledge but also encourages students to utilise their creative abilities to solve problems. CTS College undoubtedly fosters a sense of belonging, resembling more of a family than a typical college. My experience continues to be remarkable. I am delighted with my decision to enrol at CTS College. It truly is an experience of a lifetime. You need to study here to truly appreciate it!

Testimonial: Candice Blackman

Candice Blackman

BA (Hons) in Business Administration - University of Hertfordshire

CTS College nurtures comprehensive learning and development! The institution's student support systems are unparalleled. The Bachelor of Business Administration programme from the University of Hertfordshire offers students a mix of theoretical and practical learning that can be readily applied in the workplace.

We are an ACTT recognised institution and partner with international awarding bodies