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CTS College: Student Alumni

About the Student Alumni

The CTS College alumni community consists of thousands of graduates from ABE, ABMA, AIB, CIPS and the Universities of Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. Each year, over 500 students are added and the number of alumni consistently grows. With a growing network that consists of entrepreneurs and individuals employed in various sectors of the economy and at different levels of their respective organizations, we have the immense power to bring about change and to impact the lives of our current students, fellow alumni members, community and nation.

If you wish to offer ideas or unique perspectives on how we can revolutionise and bring new life into the time-honored tradition of a school’s alumni and/or spearhead a movement of change and share your wealth of knowledge, skills and abilities, kindly contact your respective Programme Manager for details or email us at Study@CTSCollege.com to learn more about this process.

Benefits of becoming an active alumnus

  • Networking Opportunities: Provides a platform for networking with fellow graduates and professionals from various industries, offering a chance to expand your network.
  • Career Support: Serves as a resource for job placement, career advice and mentorship. The workshops, seminars and networking events organised by the alumni association can contribute to ongoing career development.
  • Reunions: Provides a chance to reconnect with former classmates and faculty.
  • Discounts and Perks: Negotiation of special discounts on products, services or events for members.

By joining the CTS College alumni association, individuals can leverage these benefits to enhance their personal and professional lives while maintaining a lifelong connection to their educational institution.

We are an ACTT recognised institution and partner with international awarding bodies