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Social Events Committee

CTS College: Social Events Committee

About SEC

The Social Events Committee (SEC) of CTS College is an outlet for students to express their interest and bring to life events that bring together the student body and the staff at CTS College. The SEC allow students to build on their project management, leadership and creativity skills. From brainstorming to the execution stages of an event, the senior members of the council are there to guide students as they develop your event management skills.

The roles of the Social Events Committee include:

  • Representing the student population
  • Helping to share students’ ideas, interests and showcase them through events
  • Developing communication and leadership skills, responsibility and accountability
  • Aiming to take ‘education beyond the academics’ for the alumni, current and future students
  • Attending and participating in meetings
  • Focusing on the holistic growth of the student experience
  • Assisting in the planning of school events

Why Join the Social Events Committee

  • To represent your student peers
  • It develops your leadership skills
  • It helps you see beyond schoolwork
  • It teaches you the value of teamwork
  • It gives you a network of opportunities e.g. meeting new students and building relationships
  • It lets you give back to the college and community
  • To develop your event management skills
  • It is an outlet to bring to life your ideas of fun

Students interested in becoming part of the Social Events Committee can contact their respective Programme Manager for details or email us at Study@CTSCollege.com.

We are an ACTT recognised institution and partner with international awarding bodies