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CTS College: Achievements

ACTT QuiTE Awards

Regarded as the premier award in tertiary education in Trinidad and Tobago, the ACTT QuiTE Awards have promoted and rewarded befitting tertiary institutions who have participated over the years. CTS College has participated since 2011 in the esteemed awards ceremony and has won institutional awards for Student Support Services in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

The College also won awards for Excellence for an Established Quality Management System in 2012, 2014 and 2016 and for Excellence in Teaching and Learning in 2014 and 2015. The accolade and distinction of winning these awards have benefitted the institution significantly and it has enjoyed renowned success over the years as a result; from marketing the institution as one that is congruent with quality by consistently winning at the awards to promoting the institution as one that upholds and fosters student support excellence and genuine care for its students, as evidenced by our awards for Student Support Services.

Year ACTT QuiTE Award

Student Support Services


Student Support Services

Excellence for an Established Quality Management System


Student Support Services

Excellence in Teaching and Learning


Excellence for an Established Quality Management System

Excellence in Teaching and Learning

2013 Student Support Services

Student Support Services

Excellence for an Established Quality Management System


Student Support Services

Academic Awards

CTS College has always taken pride in the outstanding academic performances of its students. Throughout the years, the College has earned a reputation for providing outstanding student support and going the extra mile to ensure all students achieve academic excellence. Over the years, the College, through its students, has won 129 world prizes and top paper awards including 83 ABE top paper awards and 42 University Awards from the University of Hertfordshire. At the June 2018 assessment session, CTS College won a record 13 Top Paper Awards from the Association of Business Executive (ABE); this figure represents more than 25% of the total top paper awarded worldwide by ABE.

The College attributes this success to the dedication and hard work of the students, faculty and staff. CTS College prides itself on being customer focused and building strong relationships with their students to guide them throughout their careers..

This page is in recognition of every student who has won an academic award for CTS College through the years, we salute you!

Year ABE AIB or ABMA University of Hertfordshire No. of Awards
2018 Aletha Maria Callender, Anita Sookoo-Ramlal, Eon Brumigin, Kezia Lucas, Kristen Ganga, Marina Soodoo, Melissa Yacub, Poblete Carmen, Rebekah Bedecee, Shania Rajnath (x2), Sherisse Jahoor, Stephanie Marshall Kevin David (AIB MBA) Justin Narine-Ramsepaul, Kerwin Thompson 17
2017 Anjalie Kimberly Simboo (x4), Halima Mohammed, Narissa Bachoo, Vinati Maharaj Kevin David (AIB BBA) Damian Felix 9
2016 Anjalie Kimberly Simboo (x3), Sabita Lalbiharie, Veena Supersad Devindra Rampersad (ABMA)

Dhanraj Ramsingh,

Kerbi Henry, Sarah Balkissoon, Zen-Novak Sahatoo

2015 Chantal Anisa Statham-Khan, Richard Villafana, Salisha Ishmael - Aqeela Shah 5
2014 Goommatie Jamie Rattan - Leanna Hart, Robert Cummings 3
2013 Abdur Raheem Mohammed, Areeza Khan, Bennie Efemena Ben-iriri, Crystal Sparkle Jenelle Taylor, Nataki Anika Alana Williams (x2), Samantha Sunita Mahabir, Techla Andrews-George Itasha Leon (ABMA) Kevin Harkoo, Richard Lackhan 11

Anil Y Rampersad, Anil Y Ramsahai, Cavian A. Bahadur, Jeanessa Arthur, Jeanessa Arthur, Natalie N.M. Lezama, Pamela Dookie

- Ameera Abass, Camille Denalli, Gerard Rochford, Karina Rajnauth
2011 Dave Lee Fook, Jaya Seepersad, Jeeannessa Arthur, Narrisa Jhury, Pamela Dookie, Paul Adam, Prudence Francis-Leonsing, Rishi Kissoon, Rodney Sookwah, Trisha Joseph, Varshali Devi Ramjattan - Adio Coltrust, Alicia Maloney, Cleopatra James 14
2010 Daisy Seenath, Danah Mitchell, Kathie Jugmohan, Leanna Hart, Paul Adam, Rabia Mohammed, Rosemarie Maharaj, Shakti Ramcharan
- Jean Pierre-Cielto, Natasha Bryan, Sham Neebar 11

Andrea Patterson, Ashley Rampartap, George Malaika, Leanna Hart (x2), Narisha Khan (x2), Rishi Budhram

- Charlene Sinanan, Colwayne Babb, Gordon Swan, Janlibeth Noris Tochon Vasquez, Karen Bishop, Kavita Garib, Marcelle Romany-Pierre, Mario Martinez, Nigel Ayin, Sheldon Ramanan 18
2008 Allana Mahase, Ayalla Caesar, Daisy Seenath, Daisy Seenath, Natasha Ganpat, Prabha Maraj, Prabha Maraj, Shivani Khalawan -

Jaysen Flaviney, Paul Nelson, Rodney Mahabir, Sheralyn Sankar-Hardath

2007 Aneesia Ali, Kevin Rasheed, Natalie Mohammed - Avanelle DesEtages, Brent Meade, Dwain Johnson, Isa Emamdeen, Noveck Gowandan 8
      Total 129

We are an ACTT recognised institution and partner with international awarding bodies

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