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Certificate in Supply Chain and Operations Management - Online Course

Certified in Supply Chain and Operations Management


A comprehensive training program, combining supply chain management, operations and logistics in a single, integrated curriculum. The program is administered in accordance with the relevant policies and procedures, and is monitored by the BRASI Advisory Group, an oversight committee comprising representative from key stakeholder groups, including students, instructors, academia and employers.

The curriculum is regularly maintained and upgraded, in accordance with the standard ADDIE methodology. The CISCOM Exam is ratified for alignment with the course objective and the curriculum, and is also monitored by the BRASI Advisory Group.

Eligibility Criteria for Registration:

  • High School Diploma with two years of work experience, or Bachelor’s degree.

Eligibility Criteria for Taking the Exam:

  • Minimum 9 out of total 13 sessions (69%) must be attended, and assignments submitted in order to take the CISCOM Exam

Course Overview


To prepare candidates aspiring to work in a supply chain or operations function, and enhance the knowledge and skills of people already employed in such functions, for example: Operations Planning, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Distribution, Customer service, Inventory Management and others.


The CISCOM program covers job roles in supply chain, logistics and manufacturing operations, for example, Planner, Buyer, Logistics Manager, Warehouse Staff, Inventory Manager, Production Manager, Customer Service Associate and others.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of CISCOM training, the learner will be able to:

1. Describe the basic elements and principles of supply chain management.
2. Identify supply chain channels, and factors that affect supply chain performance, such as communication, complexity, and integration.
3. Recognize various Supply Chain planning processes, such as Sales and Operations Planning, Materials Requirement Planning and Capacity Requirements Planning.
4. Perform calculations used in supply chain management such as Standard Deviation of Forecast Error, Safety Stock Requirement, On Time Shipping Metrics, Economic Order Quantity and Pipeline Inventory.
5. Identify production strategies, for example, Chase and Level, Push and Pull.
6. Perform calculations for costs related to production, for example, Cost of Goods Manufactured, Cost of Goods Sold and Contribution Margin.
7. Describe the impact of supplier relationship management on sustainable business operations.
8. Identify inventory management principles and methods.
9. Perform calculations related to inventory management, including First-in, First-Out, and ABC Classification.
10. Identify various productivity improvement tools for specific purposes and situations, demonstrating their unique value, including Just-In-Time, Lean and Six Sigma

Who will Benefit?

  • People working in supply chain or related functions.
  • College/University students in Business Management, Supply Chain Management, and related disciplines.
  • Managers and Leaders who want an insight into the various processes and sensitivities within supply chain management.

CISCOM training is conducted by senior professionals having the relevant academic and professional qualifications, combined with industrial and academic experience.

CISCOM Certificate

A competitive supply chain must be aligned with business goals. CISCOM training aims at aligning the supply chain processes from beginning to end, and improving performance through methodologies such as Lean, Six Sigma and Just-In-Time.

Training includes the use of computer-based supply chain simulation, which improves the understanding of the relationship between various elements of the supply chain, for better decision making.

Course Delivery


  • Online interactive training modules
  • Downloadable, print-ready handbooks, examples and   exercise files 
  • A quiz for each module.
  • Students can take the final test upon completion of the course review, and download the certificate upon passing the test.
  • Certificates for all of the BRASI courses are issued centrally by BRASI only.

Live Q&A sessions are held to answer any specific questions and explain key concepts as needed. Participation in the Q&A sessions is optional and is not taken into account for the passing score.

  • CISCOM Exam is also conducted online and is proctored.
  • With a high success rate, a complimentary retake is offered on a need basis.
  • The exam has 120 Multiple Choice Questions, time allowed is 3 hours with a 70% pass score.

Total time commitment for the course is 50 hours, consisting of 39 hours of on-line presentation, 8 hours of self-study and 3 hours of exam.

Other Information

Beneficiaries and Stakeholders

University and College Students

  • Supply chain is one of the most cross-functional processes. Therefore, while it is imperative not only for Business, Manufacturing, Engineering and Commerce students but for any other discipline that interacts with supply chains, to have a sound knowledge of the underlying related concepts, and procedures, in order to fully appreciate and optimize its potential. Examples include Information Technology, Project Management, Finance and Accounting, International Trade, and others.
  • The curriculum complements the standard academic curriculum at most universities and colleges, bringing unique value in terms of industry know-how, current best practices, and hands-on knowledge from trade and industry.

Working Professionals:

  • Recognition - establishing your mark of excellence.
  • CISCOM designation - a credential that demonstrates your expertise in the subject matter
  • CISCOM is valid for life - no renewals required.
  • Get involved - write for the BRASI newsletter - share your know-how, join the BRASI Instructor Community - become a BRASI affiliate

Universities and Colleges:

  • Added value to the portfolio of courses
  • Get involved - join our Tripartite Collaboration for Research, Education and Business. Intern placement, project based where applicable, with coaching and mentoring for success.
  • Industrial tours - familiarization with work environment and developing professional network • Case Competition - A Business Games Day, to get a feel of the real-life business challenges, and to hone decision making skills.


  •  CISCOM training focuses on alignment of supply chain with the business goals and strategy, making it a perfect fit for productivity and efficiency gains.
  •  In addition to the latest concepts and methods, the training also includes introduction to Lean, Six Sigma, Just-InTime and Theory of Constraints which are aimed to turn routine business processes into competitive advantage.
  • Get involved - Tripartite Collaboration - Research, Education and Business. Intern placement, project based where applicable, with coaching and mentoring for success. Acquire talent aligned with your business goals.

Course Fee, Cancellation and Refund

The course fee is posted on the BRASI website and is subject to change without notice.   

Cancellation is allowed within three days from the date of access to the course. Full refund is made within one week.

How can I Start?

First, students create their user profile on the BRASI web site. There is no cost involved and no payment information is needed to create user profile.

On the landing page, you can find more details about the training courses, the procedures and requirement, helping you understand the features of the various courses offered, and the options.

When ready, select the courses you want to take, and proceed to check out. Acceptable modes of payment include major credit cards and PayPal.

The course is designed to be completed within three months. However, extension is allowed upon request. Upon completing the course review, you can take the final test.

Time allowed for the test is 90 minutes, and the passing score is 70%.

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