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Certificate in Supply Chain Fundamentals - Online Course

Certificate in Supply Chain Fundamentals

Course Overview


To introduce candidates to the main principles and processes in supply chain management.


The CSCF course contains the knowledge and skills required for performing job roles in the supply chain function, such as Planner, Buyer, Logistics Manager, Warehouse Staff, Inventory Manager, Production Manager, Customer Service Associate and others.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of CSCF training, the learner will be able to:

1. Describe the basic elements and principles of supply chain management.
2. Identify the flows and views of supply chain.
3. Recognize the drivers, facilitators and obstacles in supply chain management.
4. Perform calculations used in supply chain management for Forecast of Sales, Safety Stock, Shipping Performance, Economic Order Quantity and Pipeline Inventory.
5. Define inventory replenishment policies.
6. Perform calculations for costs related to manufacturing.
7. Describe the various types of warehouse layouts.
8. Define the various modes of transportation and the benefits and limitations or each.
9. Recognize the key success factors in Supplier Relationship Management (SRM).
10. Define the goals of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) process.
11. Understand the main productivity improvement tools and their applications.
12. Recognize the trends and outlook in supply chain management.

Who will Benefit?

People who wish to acquire a functional knowledge of supply chain management and its underlying principles, terminology and core processes will benefit from the CSCF training program.

Course Outline

Similar to the other courses offered by BRASI, CSCF course has been developed using the ADDIE methodology of curriculum development, following the guidelines contained in the ASTM Standard E-2659.BRASI's Program Advisory Group (BRASI PAG) is responsible for the development, surveillance and continuous improvement of BRASI's training programs.

The CSCF course provides fundamental knowledge in the key areas of supply chain management, including the following:

  • Supply chain’s alignment with competitive strategy
  • Supply chain channels, supply chain complexity
  • Diversification and integration
  • Supply chain planning process
  • Sales forecasting
  • Inventory management
  • Customer service
  • Supplier relationship management
  • Transport and logistics
  • Introduction to productivity tools such as lean, six sigma and just in time, plus other topics related to supply chain management

A CSCF Certificate holder has a basic understanding of the various processes and calculations used in supply chain management, and is able to support and interact with the related functions.

Course Delivery

Mode of Delivery:

  • Self-paced on-line learning modules and test includes 24x7 access to the BRASI Learning Management System through user login.

Learning Resources:

  • Online interactive training modules
  • Downloadable, print-ready handbooks
  • Examples and exercise files and a quiz for each module
  • Students can take the final test upon completion of the course review and download the certificate upon passing the test. Certificates for all of the Brasi courses are issued centrally by Brasi only

Live Q&A sessions are held to answer any specific questions and explain key concepts as needed. Participation in the Q&A sessions is optional and is not taken into account for the passing score.

Class Schedule

CSCF is a self-paced online training course and can be started at any time.

Certificate Validity

The certificate is valid for three years and can be renewed by retaking the course, or providing evidence of similar training. Renewal fee may apply.

Course Fee, Cancellation and Refund

The course fee is posted on the BRASI website and is subject to change without notice. Cancellation is allowed within three days from the date of access to the course. Full refund is made within one week.

How can I Start?

First, students create their user profile on the BRASI web site. There is no cost involved and no payment information is needed to create user profile.

On the landing page, you can find more details about the training courses, the procedures and requirement, helping you understand the features of the various courses offered, and the options.

When ready, select the courses you want to take, and proceed to check out. Acceptable modes of payment include major credit cards and PayPal.

The course is designed to be completed within three months. However, extension is allowed upon request. Upon completing the course review, you can take the final test.

Time allowed for the test is 90 minutes, and the passing score is 70%.

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