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14 Year Old Emily Bridglalsingh Wins Poetry Writing Competition

Posted on: 11 February, 2018

Similes, metaphors and alliteration abound as CTS College held its first Poetry Writing Competition. It was a fierce competition with all 11 participants demonstrating signs of poetic majesty with grace, beauty and harmony that evoked emotive responses. The competition was held on Friday 25th January and was opened to students of CTS College Private Secondary School. The prizes included book as well as vouchers to Starbucks and Movietowne.

CTS College would like to congratulate our top 3 winners:

  • 1st Place winnerEmily Bridglalsingh “The Melodies of a Polar Bear’s Home”
  • 2nd Place winnerAntonio Valentine “Do you understand?”
  • 3rd Place winnerHumchand Bissoondyal “The Only Way”

The College would like to thank Ms. Marissa Ramai and Mr. Lyndon Brown for their instrumental role in organising the competition and judging the poems.

Winner Emily Bridglalsingh (L), Antonio Valentine (C) and Humchand Bissoondyal (R).

In this online exclusive, you can read the winning entry below.

The Melodies of a Polar Bear’s Home
by Emily Bridglalsingh (14 Years Old)

I once was able to jump and play in the soft cotton snow,
To hear it crunch under my paws with every step I took,
To see billions of glittering snowflakes forming a symphony with the whistles of the wind and the roars of an avalanche by the mountains,
To hear the seals barking as they glide through the chilling waters of the artic and the melodious sounds of the bowhead whales echoing throughout the ocean.
That was once the music of my home.
I once was well fed and hunting for food was once a breeze,
I once felt cosy, not cold nor hot.
That was once my reality.
Now, the heat is scorching, and I feel as though I’m melting.
I see no snowflakes sailing in the wind, and the snow is now water beneath my paws,
The seals were still barking, but only cries for help as humans pierced their skin with knives and spears and the whales called out only in distress after being caught in fishing nets.
The euphony was gone.
I was dying.


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