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CTS Student Makes AIB Valedictorian History

Posted on: 01 Dec, 2018

Wall of Famer: Kevin David

Kevin David

AIB Valedictorian 2017 and 2018

AIB CEO congratulates CTS College student Kevin David for his outstanding academic performance having created history being named valedictorian for both the BBA and MBA programs.

Australian Institute of Business (AIB) has been offering its MBA for >20 years and is now Australia’s MBA market share leader.  We are proud that >10,000 people have graduated with AIB degrees and have used the skills, knowledge and experience gained during their study to have a positive impact on their careers.

It is with great pride that we announce that Kevin Mordecia David, an AIB student studying via our partner teaching centre, CTS, has achieved the highest MBA grade point average of all students eligible to graduate in December 2018 and been named as the class Valedictorian.  In Kevin’s case, this is the second time he has been named as Valedictorian, having done so in his studies of the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in June 2017. We are checking our records, but believe that this is the first time in AIB’s history that a single student has been named as Valedictorian of two separate qualifications.

This is a great testament to Kevin’s intellect, determination, commitment, and willingness and ability to learn.  He has been an exemplary student and has earned the praise and admiration of AIB’s academic community and our broader organisation.  He has earned the highest possible grade in subjects across disciplines and demonstrated his broad knowledge of business and management throughout his degree.  

We feel indebted to Kevin for having placed his trust in AIB and having invested in us to assist him with his learning and his completion of qualifications.  And we appreciate the support of CTS in providing tuition and assistance to our students in Trinidad and Tobago.

Paul Wappett
Chief Executive Officer

Australian Institute of Business

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