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CTS College wins 7 ABE World Prizes in the 2019 Assessments

Posted on: 5 May, 2020

CTS College has done it again! For the fourth consecutive year CTS College has won more ABE World Prizes than any other tertiary institution in Trinidad and Tobago. Having previously won 4 awards in the March and June 2019 assessment series, CTS College won a further 3 awards in the December 2019 assessment series, bringing the total number of awards won in 2019 to 7. The college has now won an impressive 91 ABE World Prizes.

CTS College has always taken pride in the outstanding academic performances of its students. Throughout the years, the college has earned a reputation for providing outstanding student support and going the extra mile to ensure all students achieve academic excellence. This is demonstrated by its students consistently winning world prizes in the ABE and University of Hertfordshire programmes.

The college takes this opportunity to congratulate and commend its hardworking lecturers in particular Mr. Rama Mathura, Mr. Nigel Bhagwatsaran, Mr. Arnold Ramjitsingh and Ms. Jenelle Alexander-Ramkissoon who taught the 2019 world prize winners.

The magnitude of winning an ABE World Prize cannot be understated as it takes hard work, dedication and a hint of brilliance on the student’s part! We say a heartfelt congratulations to the following ABE 2019 World Prize Winners of CTS College:

Student Name Unit Name Lecturer
Ms. Giovanna Lake Innovation & Business Performance Mr. Nigel Bhagwatsaran and Mr. Arnold Ramjitsingh
Ms. Lisa Charles Buyer & Consumer Behaviour Mr. Rama Mathura
Ms. Shawnté Shania Swann Enterprising Organisations Mr. Arnold Ramjitsingh
Mr. Leslie Stephan Dwarika Advanced Project Management Mr. Rama Mathura
Ms. Rhean Aleesha Ghany Effective Financial Management Mrs. Jenelle Alexander-Ramkissoon
Mr. Sheldon Campbell Human Resource Management Mr. Nigel Bhagwatsaran
Mrs. Tovah Revanales Effective Financial Management Mrs. Jenelle Alexander-Ramkissoon

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