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CTS College Wins 4 ABE Top Paper Awards November 2023

Posted on: 14 May, 2024

CTS College has once again achieved a remarkable feat! Having already secured more ABE Top Paper Awards than any other tertiary institution in Trinidad and Tobago over the past seven years, CTS College continues to demonstrate outstanding academic performance. In the November 2023 assessment series alone, we clinched four ABE Top Paper Awards, extending our winning streak to eight consecutive years. In total, we amassed nine Top Paper Awards in 2023. This achievement not only marks the highest tally in Trinidad and Tobago but also stands as the most by any ABE Partner Institution globally.

CTS College takes immense pride in the exceptional academic achievements of our students. Over the years, the college has built a reputation for providing exceptional student support and going above and beyond to ensure every student attains academic excellence. This commitment is evidenced by our students consistently securing top paper awards in both the ABE and University of Hertfordshire programmes.

Having been in collaboration with the Association of Business Executive (ABE) for over seventeen years, CTS College has garnered a total of 126 top paper awards. ABE exams are conducted across more than 200 exam centres spanning over 32 countries. A Top Paper Award is bestowed upon the student attaining the highest mark in a subject, not only within CTS College but also across all ABE centres worldwide.

The college seizes this opportunity to extend congratulations and commendations to its diligent lecturers in the ABE programme: Ms. Jenelle Alexander, Mr. Narine Neeranjan, Mr. Nigel Bhagwatsaran, and Mr. Arnold Ramjitsingh.

The significance of achieving an ABE Top Paper award cannot be underestimated, as it requires considerable effort, commitment, and a touch of brilliance from the student! We extend our sincere and thoroughly deserved congratulations to the following winners of the ABE November 2023 Top Paper Awards at CTS College:

Student Name Unit Name Lecturer
Ms. Clerisa-Marie Piggot Buyer & Consumer Behaviour Mr. Narine Neeranjan
Ms. Stephanie Mohammed Human Resource Management Mr. Nigel Bhagwatsaran
Mr. Andrew Harripersad Managing Stakeholder Relationships Mr. Arnold Ramjitsingh
Mr. Damian Samra Operations Management Mr. Arnold Ramjitsingh

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