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CTS College Wins 13 Top Paper Awards

Posted on: 12 November, 2018

CTS College, located in Central Trinidad, won an astounding thirteen (13) Top Paper Awards at the June 2018 assessment sessions.  After each exam session, ABE honours the highest achievers in individual units with a special ‘Top Paper Award’.   These are the individuals around the world who achieve the highest percentage pass across the entire exam sessions.  CTS College has been in partnership with Associate Business Executive (ABE) for over thirteen (13) years and has won over eight three (83) top paper awards since 2007. ABE exams are written in over two hundred (200) exam centres located in over thirty-two (32) countries. During the June 2018 assessment session there were forty-eight (48) Top Paper Award winners, thirteen (13) of which were awarded to students of CTS College. To put this feat in context - in recent history, the most awards previously won by an institution in one assessment session was seven (7).

CTS College Executive Director, Ravi Ragoonath affirmed that they choose to partner with ABE because they wanted their students to have an internationally recognised professional qualification that also allows university progression. ABE's qualifications lead on to a variety of university courses, including Bachelors, MBAs and other master’s programs.

Mr. Ragoonath said he is truly humbled by this experience and attributes this success to the dedication and hard work of the students, faculty and his staff. CTS College prides itself on being customer focused and building strong relationships to with their student to guide them throughout their careers.

Steve Smith, Director of Business Development & Deputy CEO of ABE, also sent a special congratulations from ABE. He stated, “For so many Top Paper winners to come from one ABE partner centre in one session is a testament to the hard work those learners put into their ABE studies, and the continued work and dedication shown by all the teaching staff at CTS.”

Want to advance your career? CTS College is here to help you achieve this goal.

Register for our upcoming ABE information session https://mailchi.mp/ctscollege/abe-info-session on Saturday 23rd March, 2019 from 10.00am and find out how you can become the next ABE “Top Paper Award” winner.

Benefits of Being a Top Paper Award Winner at CTS College

CTS College smolders their top paper award winners. Winners will receive:

1. Scholarship opportunity

ABE Top Paper Award winners qualify for a partial scholarship to complete their Bachelor’s/Master’s degree at CTS College. This scholarship is worth up to TTD $15000.00.

2. CTS Award

ABE Top Paper Award winners are presented with a special award that is guaranteed to hold sentimental value and inspire you to continuously strive for excellence.

3. Wall of Fame

Students who achieve an ABE Top Paper Award winner will be featured on the CTS College Wall of Fame on our website which is viewed by potential employers. The Wall is truly iconic and features the legends, pillars and stalwarts of the College.

4. CTS College Facebook and Social Media Publicity

ABE Top Paper Award winners will be displayed on our Facebook Page which they can share with their friends and which is shared with our Facebook family.

5. CTS College Newsletter

ABE Top Paper Award winners will be featured on the College’s newsletter which currently has a very wide circulation and monthly readership including currents students, alumni and potential employers.

6. ABE Student Focus Magazine

ABE Top Paper Award winners have the opportunity of being featured in ABE’s Student Focus Magazine. The magazine is distributed across the 32 countries that offer ABE across the world.

7. ABE Certificate

ABE will provide a separate certificate that can be used as proof of accomplishment as a Top Paper Award winner.

We are an ACTT recognised institution and partner with international awarding bodies