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CTS College Sports and Family Day 2019 - Recap!

Posted on: 30 April, 2019

The blistering sun fueled the energy for the Vikings [Red team consisting of the CTS Secondary school, Short Courses and MBA], propelling them to almost win this year’s annual CTS Sports Day. Yet, despite the weather the spirited Sub Zero [Blue: ABE] team took yet another win, for the third year in a row!¬† CTS’s colleagues, ILAS and PASS [White team] did well, bringing cheer, good food and strong friendships to the Lange Park Grounds on the 31st March 2019. Dark Knights [Black Team: AIB BBA, UH BABA, UH BSC, Avasant] provided their talents, with Mr. Ravi Ragoonath as the motivator for the team to give their best efforts throughout, despite securing- 4th place. ¬†This was a sports day to remember.

In the last three years, numbers have dwindled, less families, less students coming out to participate in the pre-sports day events of Football and Cricket as well as the actual sports day itself. However, this year, there were notably more students. The stands were filled of friends, rivals and supporters. It was a wonderful sight to the staff of CTS. One of the constant themes throughout the year at CTS is family orientation, and this is one of the reasons Mr. Ravi and the staff takes Sports Day seriously (besides liking to compete). The point of the sports day is to showcase the care that CTS holds for the students, catering food, drinks and fun while bonding in fun activities. This extends as well to the wonderful staff and students at both ILAS and PASS for whom CTS has had positive relations with for many years. It was inspiring to see the students and co-workers enjoying the music, painting their faces to support their teams and encouraging their peers to give the events their best shot.

It mattered not if one is not good at the sport, everyone is welcomed to participate. Next year, the hope is that the turnout grows bigger, with more of the student and staff population showcasing the family-oriented culture that the school strives for all-year round! Speaking of which, if sports is not your thing, the Social Events Committee has plans for various events throughout the year to get you involved in the culture! Sports Day is a highlight, but there are Movie Nights, Hikes and an annual All 4’s competition, Haunted House, Beach Clean-Ups and much more to look forward too. If you have an idea too that you would like the committee to do, speak to one of the representatives, such as the Executive Director of the Social Events Committee- Narine [ABE Programme Manager], or the president- Ashram. The committee looks forward to interacting with you!

In closing, congratulations to Sub Zero on their first place position at Sports Day 2019! CTS College would like to thank all that were part of the Sports Day. To the staff of CTS as well as the Social Events Committee, your support and assistance was necessary to execute another successful Sports Day. Caterers for the events were: Hottpot Cuisine [located behind Central Tech at CTS College]; Mrs. Charmaine Mungaldeen, ILAS and Mrs. Haffina Ragubir. Kid’s Time Party Rental provided us with the cotton candy, faicepainting, snow cones and bouncy castle. Mr. Colthrust was in-charge of energizing the field with music from his team. A special thank you to councilor Andell Paramsook and the Chaguanas Borough Corporation for the permission to use the grounds of both Edinburgh 500 and Lange Park Recreational Grounds. Lastly, thank you to ILAS and PASS for being part of the 2019 Sports Day with CTS College!

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