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CSEC 2019 Top Candidates from CTS College

Posted on: 16 January, 2020

(From Left: Jenny Alexander, Alyssa Rampersad, Humchand Bissoondyal and Jessi Ramdoolar)

CTS College Private Secondary School, in just its first year of existence, has 6 Top 100 placing in CSEC’s Top Candidates by Subject (Trinidad and Tobago) for the May-June 2019 examination series.

Leading the pack is Humchan Bissoondyal with 3 top 100 places. What is so remarkable is that Humchan was just 14 years old at the time of writing the examinations. Also, 3 of the top 100 places came in Office Administration.

Below is a list of rankings for our students:

Subject Placing Student
English Language 90th Humchand Bissoondyal
Office Administration 8th Humchand Bissoondyal
Office Administration 55th Jenny Alexander
Office Administration 79th Alyssa Rampersaud
Principles of Business 32nd Jessi Ramdoolar
Human and Social Biology 94th Humchand Bissoondyal

A heartfelt congratulation to our top students, teachers, programme manager, parents and staff for the amazing performance by our students.

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