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Fundamentals of Project Management

Fundamentals of Project Management


The Fundamentals of Project Management course at CTS College offers a comprehensive exploration of project management principles with multifaceted objectives. Participants will gain a robust understanding of the fundamental principles that underpin effective project management. The course not only emphasizes the theoretical aspects but also focuses on practical applications through the utilization of project software. Through hands-on experience, participants will learn how to develop, track, and manage a project efficiently.

A key objective of the course is to instill the importance of project management in contributing to business value. Participants will delve into the dynamics of a project environment, understanding how external factors impact project outcomes. Additionally, the course uniquely extends its application beyond professional settings, demonstrating how project management principles can be effectively applied in personal life. By the course's conclusion, participants will be equipped with the knowledge, tools, and skills to navigate the intricacies of project management, both in their professional and personal spheres.


Enrolment in this programme would allow students to:

  • Attain the knowledge, skills and techniques to successfully manage projects throughout their life cycles
  • Improve their professional profile, competencies and capabilities for career development
  • Improve their marketability and create opportunities for professional growth and development
  • Attain a recognised professional certification

Students would also be able to:

  • Conceptualise a project
  • Establish and document project goals and objectives and related documents
  • Develop a project plan, scope, schedule, resource plan, budget, risks and related plans
  • Manage project execution, resources, stakeholders, communication, changes and risks
  • Track project performance
  • Conduct project closure procedures effectively


Below are some of the main features of this course:

  • Short duration - can be completed in only 8 weeks with 1 class per week
  • Competitive rates with flexible payment plans
  • Experienced lecturer with excellent student support
  • Online classes which are also recorded for further review
  • Support group via WhatsApp with the lecturer, programme manager and students

Target Audience

This course is perfect for:

  • Persons who would like to have solid foundational knowledge of Project Management
  • Project officers
  • University students
  • Persons new to project management who wish to pursue further certification in this field e.g.CAPM, PMP, Agile

Entry Requirements

No prior experience or qualifications are required for enrolment in this course – all are welcome to join and learn.

Course Content

The following would be covered in this course:

1: Pre-Project Setup/Initiating

  • Defining a project and project management
  • Define a typical project lifecycle, project vs product
  • Projects and organisational strategy
  • Managing project stakeholders
  • The project environment
  • The role and functions of the project manager
  • Project charter
  • Key concepts: business case, project charter, project goals and objectives, kick-off meeting

2: Scope and Schedule planning

Project Scope Planning

  • Project requirements
  • Defining project scope
  • The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Key concepts: assumptions, constraints, deliverables, acceptance criteria, decomposition, acceptance criteria, key performance indicators, scope creep

Project Schedule Planning

  • Define and sequence tasks
  • Tasks dependencies and relationships
  • Develop the project schedule
  • Creating a network diagram
  • Key concepts: milestones, critical path, predecessors and successors, duration compression, expert judgement, Gantt chart.

3: Resource Planning and Quality Concepts

Resource Planning

  • Determining resource needs (human and physical)
  • Building the project team
  • Monitoring team performance
  • Conflict management
  • Acquiring physical resources
  • Key concepts: resource types, project organisation chart, RACI chart, resource breakdown structure, resource allocation/overallocation

Quality Concepts

  • Definitions of quality
  • Concepts in quality
  • How organisations deal with quality
  • Cost of quality
  • Quality tools and techniques

4: Cost and Budget

  • Estimating costs
  • Create the budget
  • Reserve analysis
  • Monitor expenditures and reporting
  • Key concepts: actual cost, variance, planned cost, management reserves, contingency reserves, cost baseline, performances indices

5: Managing Project Risks

  • Risk definitions and concepts
  • Risk identification
  • Risk analysis
  • Risk planning and response
  • Risk monitoring
  • Key concepts: risk probability and impact, SWOT, risk register, risks vs issues, secondary risks, residual risks, positive and negative risks, risk owner

6: Project Communication, Change Management and Closure procedures

Project Communication

  • The components of a communications management plan
  • Key concepts: technologies, skills and approaches in project communication management, formal and informal communication, sender-receiver model, virtual communication

Project Change Management

  • Documenting change requests
  • Justification of change
  • Change control management
  • Key concepts: change approval, change control system, change requests, corrective actions, defect repair

Project Closure Procedures

  • Steps in closing a phase/project
  • Final report

7: Agile Project Management

  • Introducing Agile
  • The Agile Manifesto
  • The Twelve Agile Principles
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Comparison of the Traditional vs Agile Project Management
  • Overview of Scrum

8: Practical Project Management using Microsoft Project

Identify and set up tasks

  • Setting up the project - start date, project calendar, title, other properties
  • Task durations using estimation techniques
  • Tasks dependencies, relationships and constraints
  • Linking tasks to create the project schedule

Set-up and assign resources

  • Set up and enter work resource rates
  • Set up cost and material resources
  • Resource calendar

Tracking progress

  • Enter actual values for tasks
  • View the critical path
  • Examine a plan’s variance
  • Examine task and resource costs

Views and reports

  • Gantt chart and timeline view
  • Network diagram and calendar view
  • Create a custom report

Note: This course presents a broad overview of project management principles and sufficient opportunities for practical work (including class and individual assignments) would be provided to apply the learned principles.


Course Offering

Day Time Duration Contact Hours Cost Lecturer
Monday 05:30 pm to 08:30 pm 8 weeks 24 hours $1,500.00 Mr. Heera Rampaul

Session - Monday (05:30 pm to 08:30 pm)

Session Start Date End Date
Cycle 2 - Online Classes Monday, June 24, 2024 Monday, August 12, 2024
Cycle 3 - Online Classes Monday, October 14, 2024 Monday, November 25, 2024

Delivery Mode

Online Classes

This course will be delivered via live online classes. Students will be provided with a link to join the class as well as other relevant instructions at least one day before the start of each class. These classes are also recorded - therefore students have the option to review the course content as often as they like.

Additional Info


Students would be required to complete the following assessment(s) for this course:

  • Class discussions
  • Assignments


In order to receive the CTS College certificate of completion or participation for this course, students must attend a minimum of 75% of classes and pay any outstanding fees. Where applicable, students who do not meet the necessary assessment requirements, but attended the required amount of classes would receive a CTS College certificate of participation.

Certificates would be provided in digital format which would allow students to access, print and share their certificates 24/7 on demand. For more information on our digital certificates please click here.


The following books would be available to students in digital format:

  • Fundamentals of Project Management, 5th Edition, Joseph Heagney
  • Project Management From The Ground Up, 1st Edition, Denis Geoghegan
  • The Scrum Guide, Ken Schwaber & Jeff Sutherland, 2020

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Fees & Payment


This course is offered at the affordable price of $1,500. In order to start the course, students must pay a minimum of 50% before the first class.

Payment Plans

Students can be given a payment plan where the initial downpayment is made, with an arrangement for the remaining balance to be paid over the duration of the course. Please feel free to contact us to discuss a payment plan customised for you.

Payment Methods

The following table shows the details for the 4 convenient ways to pay the CTS College fees for this programme:

Payment Method Details
Linx Paid at the Administration Office
Credit Card Paid at the Administration Office

Paid at the Administration Office

Made Payable to CTS College

Online Bank Transfer

Paid via Online Banking

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Student Support


At CTS College, we believe in crafting an extraordinary student experience. This is why we have selected Mr. Heera Rampaul to facilitate the Fundamentals of Project Management course. Mr. Rampaul not only imparts knowledge, but creates a learning experience where students feel valued and appreciated. He is also committed to shaping a transformative learning journey and creating an educational adventure that goes beyond the ordinary.

Heera Rampaul has over twenty-five years of experience in the ICT field, having served as an ICT Business Consultant, an ICT Business Solutions Specialist, ICT Manager and a Project Leader. He headed many projects at the private and public sectors and has been a member of various steering committees and project management teams involved in projects at national and institutional levels.

Mr. Rampaul is the holder of a BSc, MBA (Information Management), and a host of certifications inclusive of Project Management Professional (PMP) and Project Scheduling Professional (PMI-SP).

Programme Management

The programme management team is responsible for the management of this course. If you would like further information or clarification on this programme please contact:

Ms. Reena Seepersadsingh
Programme Manager
Phone: (868) 376-7721 / (868) 740-9095

E-mail: Certifications@CTSCollege.com

We are an ACTT recognised institution and partner with international awarding bodies