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QuickBooks Online

Quickbook ONline


Quickbooks Online is designed to help small and medium sized businesses to manage all their accounting needs in one place, without any formal accounting knowledge. QuickBooks Online works on your PC, Mac, tablets, and phones.

QuickBooks Online mobile access is included with your QuickBooks Online subscription at no additional cost. It has different versions to match your specific needs; Simple Start, Essentials, Plus and Advanced.

QuickBooks Online allows you to perform the following functions in one location:

  • Track income & expenses
  • Invoice & accept payments
  • Maximize tax deductions
  • Run most powerful reports
  • Capture & organize receipts
  • Track miles
  • Manage cash flow
  • Track sales & sales tax
  • Send estimates
  • Manage & pay bills
  • Track time
  • Track inventory
  • Track project profitability

You can sign in to QuickBooks from your web browser. Or download the Mac or Windows app to run Simple Start, Essentials, Plus, or Advanced twice as fast. You can upgrade between QuickBooks Simple Start, Essentials, Plus or Advanced. There’s no contract or commitment. You’re free to switch plans or cancel any time.

Who Should Attend

  • Small Business Owners
  • Medium Sized Business Owners
  • Accounting Students
  • Job Seekers
  • Entrepreneurs

What Do I Need for this Course

  • While there are no prerequisites, it would be useful if the learners are computer literate

What am I Going to Learn

  • Compute accurate vat figures for a period in a matter of minutes to fill out vat returns.
  • Customise the chart of accounts for your company based on the industry it falls under.
  • Expenses can be tracked and workers can be managed better. g. Fuel account can have subaccounts that allow you to track fuel consumption by vehicle. A high cost in one month from one vehicle might suggest that employees may be using for personal use.
  • Cash flow can be better managed on QuickBooks. Bills can be paid when they are due and customers can be reminded when their invoices are due.
  • Simple reports that are created by QuickBooks can be used when applying for loans at financial institutions.

Course Outline

The following topics will be covered:

Module 1 - Company Setup

  • Introduction to QuickBooks
  • Setting up QuickBooks Online
  • Importing data from excel

Module 2 - Vendors and Customers

  • Add accounts and subaccounts to your chart of accounts
  • Make accounts inactive
  • Set up Vendors and Customers
  • Enter opening balances
  • Record account opening balance with a journal entry

Module 3 - Enter Products and Services

  • Creating Inventory Items
  • Creating service items
  • Changing inventory and service item data
  • Inventory reports

Module 4 - Banking

  • Record uncleared bank transactions
  • Reconcile bank account

Module 5 - Recording Open Transactions

  • Enter unpaid bills for accounts payable
  • Record open invoices for accounts receivables
  • Enter open non posting transaction

Module 6 - Adjusting Accounts

  • Adjust sales tax payable balance in QuickBooks
  • Adjust inventory quantity and value

Module 7 - Wrapping up your company file setup

  • Create reports (Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Statement)
  • Create additional users in a company file



The course combines a mixture of theory and practice. Students will undertake a series of practical exercises in each module, this is to strengthen their understanding of the material and to ensure they can apply what has been taught.

On Completion

Students will receive a certificate of completion from CTS.

Delivery Mode

Online Classes

This course will be delivered via live online classes. Students who have successfully enrolled in the course will be provided with a link to join the class as well as other relevant instructions at least one day before the start of the class. These classes are also recorded; therefore, students have the option to review the course content as often as they like.

Course Schedule

Course Offering

Day Time Duration Contact Hours Cost Lecturer
Saturday 09:00 am to 12:00 pm 4 weeks 12 hours $1,500.00 Mrs. Kamah Partap

Session - Saturday (09:00 am to 12:00 pm)

Session Start Date End Date
2024 - Session 1 - Online Classes Saturday, January 20, 2024 Saturday, February 10, 2024
2024 - Session 2 - Online Classes Saturday, March 23, 2024 Saturday, April 27, 2024
2024 - Session 3 - Online Classes Saturday, May 25, 2024 Saturday, June 15, 2024
2024 - Session 4 - Online Classes Saturday, July 27, 2024 Saturday, August 17, 2024
2024 - Session 5 - Online Classes Saturday, September 28, 2024 Saturday, October 19, 2024

Student Support


Mrs Kamah Partap

Kamah is a freelance Bookkeeper who works with various small and mid-sized businesses where she has implemented QuickBooks as their business accounting software. With over 10 years' experience in the field, Kamah is considered a QuickBooks enthusiast. Kamah is also an accomplished teacher with over 12 years' teaching experience. This course brings her two main passions into one - teaching QuickBooks! In her spare time, she enjoys reading, going for long walks and just relaxing with a cup of her favourite coffee.

Programme Management

The programme management team is responsible for the management of the course. If you would like further information or would like clarification on this programme please contact:

Mr. Matthew Christian
Programme Manager
Phone: (868) 720-2939

E-mail: certifications@ctscollege.com

We are an ACTT recognised institution and partner with international awarding bodies