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Top Reasons to Seek Comptia Certification in Trinidad and Tobago

Posted on: 11 January, 2019

Looking for ways to build or enhance your IT skills? Want to stand out from peers or apply for higher paying jobs? Prepare for a CompTIA certification exam that is relevant to your domain.

Want a career in IT with better pay and growth opportunities? Work towards obtaining CompTIA certification like Network + certification or Security + certification.

Further your IT career

Here’s how these certifications can help you further your IT career.

1. Validate Your Skills

Becoming IT certified is one of the most important requirements for an IT pro today and vendor-neutral CompTIA certifications are among the most widely recognized and respected in the IT industry. Certifications such as CompTIANetwork + certification indicate that you have the necessary skills and knowledge to be thoroughly proficient in a particular domain. These skills enhance your productivity in the workplace and help you face any domain-specific challenge with confidence and efficiency. They also provide you with an undeniable competitive advantage over your peers.

2. Make You Job Ready

CompTIA certifications aim to impart real world skills that IT professionals would need for successfully managing and supporting IT infrastructure. Certifications are categorized according to skill set – for example, Network + and CompTIA Security+ certifications are designed to build core foundational competencies. For an individual seeking to start a career as an IT professional, the Network + certification is the perfect springboard because many IT companies recognize this certification for job roles such as help desk technician and network technician.

3. Give Competitive Edge

A coveted certification like CompTIA Security + can help you solidify your place in an ever-evolving industry. Because CompTIA certifications focus on building multiple skills, credential holders can expect to find themselves suitable for a variety of job roles based on their skill set, experience and areas of interest. Typically, an individual with CompTIA Security + certification can find jobs as network administrators, system administrators, security administrators, security managers or security consultants.

Enrol In CompTIA Course

However, obtaining CompTIA certification is not as easy as it sounds and requires a systematic study plan to cover all bases and ensure a pass in the certification exam. The good news is that there are reputed educational institutes in Trinidad and Tobago that offer convenient part-time courses to help students prepare for the certification exam.  With duration spread over fourteen weeks, individuals can easily balance their work or family life while preparing for the certification programs. The best institutes offer a mix of classroom training and complete study material so students can carry on learning beyond classroom hours.

Tips for Exam Preparation

Start your preparation early so that you can devote adequate time to all topics. Last minute studying may not get you the results you want because CompTIA certification exams are not that easy to pass.  Go through the official study guide and as the final day approaches, attempt as many practice exams as you can – this will give you confidence while facing the real test. With ample preparation and training, you’ll be familiar with the CompTIA certification exam like the back of your hand.

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