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Why Study With Us

CTS College: Why Study With Us

Internationally Recognised

CTS College is an ACTT Registered Institution in Trinidad and Tobago offering a range of internationally recognised programmes at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. These programmes are accredited in the United Kingdom (UK) and are recognised by the ACTT. This makes the programmes transportable, thereby, allowing students to use their qualifications at home and abroad.

World Prize Winners

CTS College is a proud winner of numerous academic awards with a host of awarding bodies. We have won 126 Advancing Business Education (ABE) Top Paper Awards. That's a remarkable achievement by any standard given ABE is offered in over 32 countries and there are over 220 teaching centres worldwide. CTS College has also won 2 Associate of the Business Management Association (ABMA) Academic Awards and 54 University Prizes.

ACTT QuiTE Award Winner

Each year the Accreditation Council of Trinidad and Tobago (ACTT) hosts an award ceremony to recognise excellence in education, and each year CTS College has copped one of the major awards. Started in 2011, the QuiTE Awards is open to all tertiary institutions in Trinidad and Tobago. CTS College has already won 11 awards with 6 awards for Excellence in Student Support Services, 3 awards for Excellence for an Established Quality Management System and 2 awards for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

Most Affordable Programmes

CTS College has partnered with several world ranked Universities to offer internationally recognised programmes in Trinidad and Tobago at a fraction of the cost in their home country. Our pricing strategy allows us to offer these programmes at an affordable price. To further assist, we have introduced flexible payment plans which allow students to pay their fees in instalments, and also our partnership with financial institutions gives you the option to pay for your qualification over a longer period (as much as 3 years).

Outstanding Student Support

If you speak with many of our students, they will likely share with you our competitive advantage, which is our outstanding student support services. This has been our key differentiating factor. Our students have varying academic backgrounds, however our student support services inspire success by making all the tools available to the students so that they can easily achieve their goals. Each programme has a dedicated programme manager who is responsible for meeting and exceeding the needs of the students. We employ a range of services including orientation and induction sessions, academic writing sessions, tutorials, study schools, online support, student support groups, as well as access to a host of other resources to make your experience second to none.

Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Differentiated and innovative teaching strategies are promoted by CTS College to cater to the unique and various needs of diverse learner groups. These strategies include understanding the various types of student learning needs, culturally responsive teaching, dynamic delivery tools, learning materials, bridging courses and student development.

Student learning at CTS College is enhanced through a number of assessment strategies and approaches aimed at evaluating the learning outcomes of students. We utilize a blend of unique methods of assessments in collaboration with approaches used by its transnational partners to ensure learning objectives are met. CTS College also believes that effective assessments involve a variety of techniques including formative and summative assessment methods.

As a testament to our Excellence in Teaching and Learning, CTS College has won 2 QuiTE Awards from ACTT is this category.

Excellence for an Established Quality Management System

The Quality Management Policy was formulated to outline the core values and commitment by CTS College to ensure that continuous improvement is an integral part of the organisation's practice and philosophy.

The purpose of the Quality Management Policy is to enhance the effectiveness of its educational provision in a stimulating, dynamic and continuously learning environment. The policy is aligned with our mission and vision statements, and acts as a guide to the organisation's practices, to ensure quality is maintained and continuously improved. Governance and administration were significantly involved in the formulation and approval of CTS College's Quality Management Policy and continues to be involved in its monitoring and implementation.

CTS College has won 3 QuiTE Awards from ACTT for Excellence for an Established Quality Management System.

We are an ACTT recognised institution and partner with international awarding bodies