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CTS College School Counselor


Mr. Sylvan Mahabir

Sylvan Mahabir is a highly qualified professional with a diverse background in counseling, electrical services, and community engagement. He holds a BSc. in Psychology and Counseling, complemented by a B.A. in Theology from West Indies Theological College.

Sylvan's work experience includes serving as a Counselor at CTS College since September 2022, where he provides valuable support and guidance to our students and staff. He has been associated with Advance Behavioral and Cognitive Counseling Services since September 2015, delivering impactful counseling services.

Passionate about community development, Sylvan has actively engaged in voluntary roles. He has served as a Youth Advisor for the National Youth Commission of the Mennonite Church of Trinidad & Tobago and held the position of Youth President at Charlieville Mennonite Church. Sylvan has also taken on the role of Treasurer at the Charlieville Mennonite Early Childhood Care and Education Center and is a dedicated Board Bember of the Mennonite Church of Trinidad and Tobago. Furthermore, he has contributed to the Cornerstone Ministries as a Teacher and Children Helper.

Sylvan's commitment to personal growth and professional development is evident through his participation in training programs such as Youth With A Mission, the National Training Board, Caroni (1975) Limited, Sugar Cane Feed Center and Precept Training Course. Furthermore, He has gained valuable practical experience through his practicum involvement with organizations such as Rebirth House, Morvant Community Police, St. Ann's Hospital and Arima Rehabilitation Centre.

Overall, Sylvan Mahabir's diverse educational background, extensive work experience and active community engagement reflect his passion for helping others and his dedication to personal and professional growth.


Students in need of counselling services can contact their respective Programme Manager to arrange sessions with Mr. Mahabir.

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