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Narine Nirmal Neeranjan

Narine Nirmal Neeranjan - Programme Manager

Programme Manager

Narine Neeranjan is the Association of Business Executives (ABE) programme manager at CTS College. He has held this position for the last five years at the college and has played a vital role in ensuring its continued success. Mr. Neeranjan is also a lecturer at CTS College following his dream of going beyond his role of a manager to better serve his students of the ABE programme. He is also the Secretary of an active sports and cultural club, Chairman of CTS College Social Events Committee and a role model in his community.

Mr. Neeranjan started his journey at CTS College as a student of the University of Hertfordshire’s BSc Computer Science programme in 2009 from which he graduated with first class honours. His heavy involvement in the study body and his contribution to the growth of other students were evident and were some of the key contributors to Narine being selected as a Programme Manager at CTS. Narine has been instrumental in organizing several activities for the students including trips to Tobago, cricket competition for sports day and numerous student recruitment drives.

Given Narine’s educational background was in Computer Science and the bulk of the ABE students he supports are pursuing a business qualification, Narine felt that it would be best for him to enroll in the Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Australian Institute of Business which he completed in 2015.

Mr. Neeranjan’s love and dedication for his students and his career choice saw him continuously developing himself in areas such as Supervisory Management, Health and Safety, Customer Service Management and Lead Trainer Development.

Apart from his time at CTS, Narine is an avid cook and an excellent cricketer and swim coach.


Narine Nirmal Neeranjan #120 Montrose Main Road, Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies Email: nneeranjan@ctscbcs.com Phone: (868) 790-9095

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