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Matthew Christian

Matthew Christian - Programme Manager

Programme Manager

Matthew has been a member of CTS College for over 8 years. He is known for his work as an independent contractor under the name Complete Stationary Solutions. Through CSS, he has provided services to the students, lecturers and academic team. He is currently a student of ABE, investing his time in assisting students for which he is passionate about while finding creative solutions to their trails in the various programmes.

To anyone that asks, Matthew would state that he adores the family-oriented culture that CTS has always strived on. Throughout his journey with the IT and Business Short Courses, he aims to perpetuate the culture onto the newer students. True to his mission, he and another programme manager would have worked on a student support center which specifically targets the ABE students. This programme offers assistance to students through providing a 'mentor' to guide the students in utilizing proper study techniques and to assist with their preparation for exams.

Matthew is a helpful, cheerful individual always positive and ready to assist. He is the 'buddy' when you need someone to talk too and reliable when you need to get something done. He will be sure to welcome you home, for that's what CTS College becomes to all who passes through its' halls.


Matthew Christian #120 Montrose Main Road, Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies Email: mchristian@ctscbcs.com Phone: (868) 720-2939

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