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Jude Bernard

Jude Bernard - Programme Manager

Programme Manager

Meet Jude! The blunt, realistic and self-motivated Programme Manager for the Bachelor of Art in Business Administration (BABA) programme. His journey at CTS College started in 2009 as a student in the University of Hertfordshire’s BSc Computer Science programme. Jude is certainly not your stereotypical student. Like him or hate him, you couldn’t help but laugh at some of Jude’s comments. Jude is possibly the most diverse individual you might meet – a scholarly student, an athlete (100m), a saxophonist (no Kenny G here), can speak multiple languages, a wonderful cook, a hunter, a skydiver and an entrepreneur.

Every organization needs a Jude! Jude is never shy of taking on new challenges, he never complaints about additional work and easily goes beyond the call of duty to support his students and exceed the expectations of his employer. His portfolio has been expanded to include the management of all professional business courses (at his request). His competitiveness ensures that he is always giving his best and his ego ensures that no one else can do what he does better than him! Always a pioneer, Jude was the first Programme Manager to complete his Master’s qualification and is adept in all the systems used by the college!

Easily, Jude knows each of his student by name and he can give you a story about each as well. He operates on his own standard yet respectful of the boundaries that he works in. He thinking is indeed outside the box and he’s willing to take risks in order to achieve great rewards.

Enthusiastic about Business, ICT, or professional courses to enhance your career? Then meet Jude!


Jude Bernard #120 Montrose Main Road, Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies Email: jbernard@ctscbcs.com Phone: (868) 796-2140

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