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Executive Team

The CTS College executive management team is a distinguished group of experienced professionals at the helm of this dynamic educational institution. Committed to excellence and innovation, the executive management plays a pivotal role in shaping the strategic direction and overall success of CTS College. Led by visionary leaders with a wealth of expertise in education, business and administration, the team collaboratively works towards fostering a thriving learning environment for students.

Their roles encompass strategic planning, decision-making and ensuring the seamless operation of academic and administrative functions. With a focus on student success, the executive management team is dedicated to steering CTS College towards achieving its mission of providing quality education and preparing students for the challenges of the ever-evolving global landscape.

Ravi Ragoonath

Ravi Ragoonath

Executive Director

Email: RRagoonath@CTSCollege.com | Phone: (868) 777-1294

CTS College is not just a place of study or work, but truly a place which brings people together – students, lecturers, programme managers, staff and employers. The inclusiveness of the organisation is largely attributed to Mr. Ravi Ragoonath, the Executive Director whose passion to serve others has created an organisation that is reputed for having one of the best student support systems in Trinidad and Tobago and the region.

Mr. Ragoonath is not just an administrative figure, but features prominently in the classroom as well. His first love is teaching, as it allows him to build a stronger bond with his students so that they can know him better and understand their needs to better serve them.

Ravi, as he is affectionately called, has an open door policy and enjoys interacting with staff and students. He is extremely competitive and can be seen on sports day on the ground supporting his team. Though not the most coordinated of players, Ravi is very involved in students' activities such as cricket and football competitions.

Mr. Ragoonath is well known amongst his students for going above and beyond the call to provide the required support for his students so that they have all the tools they need to be successful. To the students he is a coach, a mentor and a friend. To his staff, he is creative, innovative and extremely positive.

Ravi Johnson

Ravi Johnson

Academic Director

Email: RJohnson@CTSCollege.com | Phone: (868) 720-9537

Ravi Johnson or Ravi J is the Academic Director at CTS College. He is constantly reviewing the landscape to ensure that CTS College offers courses that are relevant to the developmental needs of Trinidad and Tobago and the wider region.

Ravi J is also the MBA Programme Manager and Quality Assurance Manager at CTS College. He first started CTS College as a student in 2005 when he enrolled in one of the short courses. Since then, his affinity for the college began and in 2009 he won a full scholarship to pursue his BSc. in Computer Science. In 2010 Ravi J started working part time at CTS College and two years after with the increasing enrolments and success of the MBA programme he officially came on board and started working full time at the college.

The self-proclaimed king of fish broth can cook only two things - fish and broth. The secret to a good fish broth says this iron chef wannabe is using the right seasoning at the right time! His main passion outside of academics and CTS College is cricket and many consider him to be an avid cricket lover but horrible cricket player.

Ravi J embodies the spirit of student support excellence and played a crucial role in the college’s success at the ACTT hosted Quality in Tertiary Education (QuiTE) awards over the years. The college has won QuiTE awards over the years and the most significant and perhaps fitting category for CTS College and Ravi J was for Student Support Excellence. Ravi J goes beyond the call to support his students and his greatest motivation and satisfaction is seeing his MBA students succeed in their studies and professional lives. He regards his role in CTS College as not just a job but an opportunity to contribute positively to students’ lives and to make a lasting impression in their hearts.

Ravi also has significant local and overseas training and certification in quality management, which is a crucial aspect in the field of tertiary education. He is responsible for ensuring the college’s policies, procedures and practices in quality management are compliant. The college’s continued accreditation, recognition and success at the ACTT’s QuiTE Awards is testament to his dedication to quality management and student support excellence.

Chelsea Christian

Chelsea Christian

Administrative Director

Email: CChristian@CTSCollege.com | Phone: (868) 740-9095

Chelsea Christian, the first female Administrative Director of CTS College, has been a part of the college since its inception. As a student, Chelsea’s leadership qualities were very evident. She was a mentor and role model, particularly to the female students. Her take-charge approach was just what the organisation needed.

Chelsea started as an Administrative Assistant and has worked her way up to Administrative Director. She has taken responsibility for the various positions within the administrative team and spearheaded numerous changes in its structure.

Chelsea is extremely passionate about the College and its employees. She loves working behind the scenes to ensure that CTS College is not only a great place to study, but also a wonderful place to work. She’s often one of the earliest to arrive and one of the last to leave.

With a creative mind, she has brought life, love and light to the organisation and is constantly working with her staff, having frequent meetings, making them feel appreciated and ensuring their voices are heard. She delights her staff on their birthdays with customised decor that highlights their various personalities. Cheslea also assists with the planning of staff retreats, team building exercises, the college’s Christmas dinner and sports and family day.

Suruj Ragoonath

Suruj Ragoonath

Chief Empowerment Officer

Email: SRagoonath@CTSCollege.com | (868) 678-7215

Suruj serves as the Chief Empowerment Officer and leads the Human Resources and Marketing departments at CTS College. His academic prowess includes holding an MBA in Business Administration and an MSc in Sports Management, showcasing a unique blend of business acumen and expertise in the dynamic field of sports. With a rich background in management within the private sector, Suruj brings extensive experience to his role.

Guided by the personal motto "Make a Difference," Suruj embodies a commitment to effect positive change in both individual and organisational capacities. At CTS College, his role is not just about overseeing departments but creating an environment where staff members are empowered to deliver their absolute best to valued customers. Suruj understands the crucial interplay between effective human resources management and impactful marketing strategies, aligning these functions to enhance the overall performance and reputation of the institution.

Suruj's leadership style is characterised by a holistic approach, recognising the importance of nurturing talent, fostering a positive work culture and leveraging strategic marketing initiatives. His vision extends beyond routine operations, emphasising the empowerment of individuals to contribute meaningfully to the institution's success. In his role as the Chief Empowerment Officer, Suruj plays a pivotal role in shaping CTS College as a dynamic and customer-centric educational institution.

Sarah Ganoo

Sarah Ganoo

Administrative Manager

Email: SGanoo@CTSCollege.com | (868) 729-7110

Sarah Ganoo embarked on her journey with CTS College in 2006. As the current Administrative Manager, she oversees the seamless operation of the administrative side of the institution, a role that demands precision, organisational prowess and a passion for fostering an efficient and conducive learning environment.

While Sarah may not always be visible amidst the daily hustle and bustle, she diligently works behind the scenes, ensuring the school runs smoothly. Beyond her professional responsibilities, Sarah is a source of motivation and inspiration for those around her. With a firm belief in the strength of positive encouragement, she strives to contribute to a culture of customer centricity at CTS College. Colleagues describe her as approachable and understanding, making her an integral part of the school community.

Life at CTS College for Sarah is not just about paperwork and meetings, but building connections, fostering a supportive community and creating an environment where everyone can thrive. Her journey from 2006 to the present day is marked by gratitude for the opportunities, challenges and the wonderful people who have been part of her adventure. Sarah looks forward to continuing her role, beyond the title, towards contributing to the growth and success of CTS College and all that's within its community.

Narine  Neeranjan

Narine Neeranjan

Programme Manager

Email: NNeeranjan@CTSCollege.com | (868) 790-9095

Narine Neeranjan is currently serving as a key figure in the Association of Business Executives (ABE) program at CTS College, a position he has held since June 2010. His significant contributions have played a pivotal role in ensuring the ongoing success of the program. Beyond his managerial responsibilities, Mr. Neeranjan has embraced his passion for education by taking on the role of lecturer at CTS College, demonstrating his commitment to better serving students enrolled in the ABE program. As the younger member of the executive team at CTS College, he brings a fresh perspective and enthusiasm to his leadership role.

In 2009, Mr. Neeranjan earned an Associate Degree in Information Technology from the Institute of Management Information Systems. Building on this foundation, he furthered his education by completing a BSc in Computer Science at the University of Hertfordshire in 2010, graduating with first-class honors and receiving an award for his exceptional performance in the Computer Networking module. Motivated by his academic achievements, Mr. Neeranjan pursued a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the Australian Institute of Business in December 2015, where he consistently excelled.

Mr. Neeranjan distinguished himself not only through academic excellence but also through his dynamic and engaging approach to learning. His active participation in classroom discussions facilitated a conducive environment for his peers to grasp concepts more effectively. Known for his outgoing personality, he initiated study groups within the class, offering assistance with assignments and examination questions.
In addition to his academic pursuits, Mr. Neeranjan's dedication to his students prompted him to undergo various training programs to enhance his skills. He earned certifications in Supervisory Management, Health and Safety, Customer Service Management, Lead Trainer Development and others. He willingly makes himself available to students, providing free career guidance at various career and community development projects.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Mr. Neeranjan is a multifaceted individual. He is an official cook at CTS College, delighting colleagues with his culinary skills. As a qualified swimming instructor, he shares his passion for swimming and on weekends, he indulges in his love for cricket. Narine embodies a commitment to education, community service and a diverse range of interests that contribute to his well-rounded personality.

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