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Ravi Ragoonath - Executive Director

Executive Director

Ravi Ragoonath

CTS College is not just a place of study nor work but truly a place which brings people together – students, lecturers, programme managers, staff and employers. The inclusiveness of the organization is largely attributed to the Executive Director whose passion to serve others has created an organization that is reputed for having one of the best student support system in the country and region.

Mr. Ragoonath is not just an administrative figure but features prominently in the classroom as well. His first love is teaching as it allows him to build a stronger bond with his students so that not only can they know him better but that he too can understand their needs to better serve them.

Ravi, as he is affectionately called, has an open door policy and enjoys interacting with staff and students. He is extremely competitive and can be seen on sports day on the ground supporting his team. Though not the most coordinated of players, Ravi is very involved in students activities such as cricket and football competition.

Mr. Ragoonath is well known amongst his students for going above and beyond the call to provide the required support for his students so that they have all the tools they need to be successful. To the students he is a coach, a mentor and a friend. To his staff, he is creative, innovative and extremely positive.

If you would like to meet Ravi, just pass by his office and he is ready to greet you!


Ravi Ragoonath #120 Montrose Main Road, Chaguanas, Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies Email: rragoonath@ctscbcs.com Phone: (868) 777-1294

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