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Administrative Team

The CTS College Administrative Team serves as the welcoming face and backbone of the institution, playing a crucial role in ensuring a positive and supportive experience for students and visitors alike. Comprising dedicated professionals, the Administrative Team is the first point of contact for individuals reaching out to the college. Whether answering phone calls, greeting visitors, or providing comprehensive information about the diverse range of programs offered, they excel in delivering superb customer service.

Beyond these essential tasks, the team contributes significantly to the smooth functioning of day-to-day operations, helping to create an environment conducive to learning and growth. With their friendly and knowledgeable approach, the Administrative Team embodies the commitment of CTS College to providing excellent service and fostering a warm and inclusive community for everyone associated with the institution.

Adio Culthrust

Adio Colthrust

Customer Experience Specialist

Email: AColthrust@CTSCollege.com | (868) 354-3632

Adio Colthrust is an accomplished Customer Experience Specialist dedicated to curating exceptional customer journeys that transcend expectations. With a career marked by a passion for service excellence, Adio excels in understanding and addressing diverse customer needs across various industries.

Proficient in diverse communication channels, Adio navigates effortlessly through phone, email, chat and social media to ensure a seamless and personalised customer experience. Recognised for a keen eye for detail, Adio actively contributes to process improvements, enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

A collaborative problem-solver, Adio thrives in cross-functional teams, advocating for the customer's perspective to influence strategic decisions. Beyond issue resolution, Adio is results-driven, contributing to increased customer loyalty and retention through insightful analysis of feedback and market trends.

What sets Adio apart is his unwavering commitment to creating memorable customer interactions. By infusing each touchpoint with positivity and enthusiasm, Adio consistently transforms challenges into opportunities for delight, embodying the principles of service excellence in every aspect of the customer journey.

Shane Clarke

Shane Clarke

Customer Experience Specialist

Email: SClarke@CTSCollege.com | Phone: (868) 392-8872

Shane, affectionately known as "Mr. Flash Sale" within the CTS College community, assumes multiple pivotal roles for the organisation. Serving as the Customer Experience Supervisor, he engages with nearly every student entering the college, ensuring that their time at CTS College is memorable and enriching. With over a decade of dedicated service, Shane has encountered individuals from diverse backgrounds, guiding numerous students on their academic journeys.

His commitment extends beyond his designated role, encompassing tasks ranging from decoration and cleaning to building repairs. Shane is recognised for his warm smile, unwavering assistance to colleagues and a good-natured demeanor. His humour and melodious singing voice contribute to lifting spirits, making him a beacon of positivity even on gloomy days.

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