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About Us

CTS College: About Us

Established in October 1999, CTS College offers a wide range of programmes, including preschool, private primary & secondary school, short courses & diplomas and undergraduate & post graduate degrees. We have evolved into one of the most respected academic institutions in the Trinidad and Tobago, producing high quality, well rounded professionals to match the capabilities of top graduates around the world. We aspire beyond academics and strive to prepare students with a diverse working knowledge of today's organisations. Our values, morals and practices are firmly rooted in our student centric mission and vision statements.


To provide high quality and relevant educational opportunities whilst promoting excellence in staff and students.


To become the foremost provider of quality training services enabling individuals and organisations to achieve the pinnacle of success through the efficient and effective delivery of industry-relevant courses, in a customer-focused manner, using the best and most qualified tutors and courseware locally, regionally and internationally.

We offer accredited diploma, undergraduate and post graduate programmes which include:

  • Diplomas in IT, Procurement and Supply, Business Management, HR Management and Marketing
  • Bachelor Degrees in Information Technology and Business Administration
  • Masters Degree in Business Administration

To complement our academic programmes and broaden the skills of individuals to improve their marketability we also offer a wide range of IT, Business, Professional and Do-It-Yourself certification programmes including, but not limited to Supervisory Management, Phlebotomy Technician, Public Speaking, Web Design and Event Management.

Our tertiary programmes are very affordable, ACTT recognised and can be completed in a realistic timeframe. The masters and bachelor programmes provide students with a combination of knowledge, practical skills and work experience to develop a successful career in the organisation. Students are provided with the opportunity to obtain a recognised degree, regarded as a passport towards a successful career.

Our learning environment is adequately supported by academic and administrative staff who are trained to deliver professional and personalised student support services. Our reputation and key to our success are reflected in our simple but powerful motto "Where the Experience is Beyond Academics", a statement that has indeed been attested to by the hundreds of students who graduate each year at CTS College.

CTS College provides an educational experience that takes students to the top of any career path they choose, leading to their development and realising their true potential that is required for this country's strategic objectives and development.

We are an ACTT recognised institution and partner with international awarding bodies